A Life Transforming Festival

I have never before been in a festival, which I felt offered so much power to change the world. This was the Osho Tantra Music and Dance Festival held at Zorba The Buddha in Delhi, India from 17—23 November 2014.

I would like to share the magic of this festival with people far and wide. Perhaps by reading this blog, you will be able to imbibe and savor some of the potent Alchemy of this event. The festival was miraculous in its divine, ecstatic quality.

Tantra Essence

The Baul Mystics of Bengal

The Presence of Baul Mystics

As part of the festival, we had 15 Baul Mystics here, and in particular, the greatest living Baul Master. The ambience they carry is phenomenal. Each moment and anywhere is their place of worship. They go into ecstatic communion (and I with them!) at the drop of a hat, laughing, singing, dancing with the divine each moment. As an integral part of that, the master gives transmissions, and people fall down laughing, or screaming with tears of joy rolling down their face. The master weeps with them, or hugs them, in an ecstasy of communion.

What is a Baul Mystic?
Some people reading this may never have heard of the Baul Mystics. They are a gathering of Tantric nomadic minstrels. Wikipedia says: “Some modern scholars, like Shashibhusan Das Gupta have suggested that the word Baul may be derived either from the Sanskrit word vatula, which means “enlightened, lashed by the wind to the point of losing one’s sanity, god’s madcap, detached from the world, and seeker of truth”, or from vyakula, which means “restless, agitated”.

Baul Master

Baul Master

They move according to their intuitive calling, and wherever they go, they play music, sing and dance, igniting a fire of devotional ecstasy in anyone who is open to this transmission.

According to the Master, their lineage can be traced back to Saraha, a great Tantra master from India who inspired the development of Tibetan Tantra. (For more on Saraha you can read Osho’s books on the Royal Songs of Saraha and in particular the first chapter of volume 1, called Aiming At the One. And for more on the Baul Mystics, read Osho’s books, The Beloved, volumes 1 and 2.

A Living Stream Of Tantra
Many people ask me where to find the living stream of Tantra in India. The Bauls are one of the living streams with an unbroken lineage going back thousands of years. They transmit ultimate teachings through an oral tradition carried within their songs. Some of their teachings are secret, offered only to those who are ready in a spiritual sense.

Their music transports those who hear it to the realm of eternal love and ecstatic overflow. They sing to each other any moment day or night, and keep taking their joy to higher planes through singing heart to heart. At the same time, the master is a rascal, and offers teachings designed to shock the devotee into sudden awakening.

Tantra Festival

Tantra Festival

A Hugging Guru
The first time the Master hugged me we went into Samadhi and from that moment he called me Guru Ma and treated me with great respect at all times. We were in telepathic communication. He has 6 Japanese wives who all dote on him and are continuously in loving grace. It is quite an energy to have in a festival and it affected everyone very deeply.

Osho, The Supreme Baul
We did Osho Sannyas Celebration and Energy Darshan and the Bauls played music for the Energy Darshan. Then, they jumped in to receive Energy Darshan! They are so innocent, open, playful and loving, completely mad in a mystical way. Once you have a sip of their wine, there is no going back…..

They told me they consider Osho to be a supreme Baul! One of the Baul women who was with us in the festival received Osho Sannyas. She said she began her journey into spirituality by reading Osho’s book, From Sex To Superconsciousness and found the living transmission of his teachings by becoming a Baul. Now, however, she feels to melt into the Master who ignited her passion for truth and she sees no conflict in uniting her path as a Baul and her path as an Osho Sannyasin.

Baul Philosophy
A transcript from the Bauls says:

Sandwich Hug

Sandwich Hug

“The Bauls regard man and woman as symbolic projections of Radha and Krishna, ‘Prakriti and Purusha’, absolute power and absolute powerful, phenomenon and base, enjoyment and enjoyer, dynamic and static. Universal ecstasy is a consequence of union between these two aspects.

Hence, Baul men and women induce a divine passion in human terms, to transform worldly emotions into deep, divine love. Their whole emotion of love is transformed to spiritual worship and simultaneously sensory organs transform into divine organs.

The Bauls usually say that the great cosmos contains itself in the human body … they call the human bodies ‘the real’, and they prefer to concentrate on their ‘real’ physical identities and ignore the ‘ideal’ spiritual quest. They seek formless through form, and realize the unlimited within the limited.

The Baul seeks ‘Moner Manush’ (Beloved dwelling in his heart). The Baul is himself the spiritual being, instead of seeking God outside of him or herself.”

Examples of Baul songs:


Those who are dead 
and yet fully alive
And know the flavors
 and feelings 
in loving;
They will cross the river.
Gazing at
 the stream of life and death,
They seek integrity.

They have no wish
 for happiness at all,
Walking against the wind.
They kill lust
 with lust
And enter the city of love 


On the other shore
Of the ocean
Of one’s own self
Quivers a drop of fluid
As the origin of all
But who can cross the seas
To reach it?

The root of all
Is based in you
Explore the base
To reach the essence

hAude GosAin
(Translated by Deben Bhattacharya)

Just Do It!
Yoga DeepIn addition to the powerful transmission of the Bauls during the festival, we also had an international gathering of Tantra Teachers, Bio Danza Teachers and Tibetan Pulsing Teachers. And, we experienced a novel form of yoga led by Swami Yoga Deep. He has developed a training in Kama Sutra Yoga, consisting of yoga forms aimed at enabling people to discover the joy of Kama Sutra lovemaking positions! I attended his class every day and all I can say is: just DO IT! He has extensive experience and knowledge combined with a wild and wacky sense of humor, which really helps to open the body in magical ways. Contact him here

Mind-blowing Evening Performances

Indian Classical Dance

Indian Classical Dance

Each evening was devoted to music and dance. We were really privileged to be an audience for the performance of Rama Vaidyanathan. She is a top star of Bharatanatyam, the classical dance form which used to be performed by the Devadasis, (Tantra initiatresses). Since their way of life was outlawed, all we have left of this noble tradition is their dance and songs. Rama is exceptionally gifted, leaving her audience breathless, with eyes full of tears of wonder and gratitude.

Her offering on this night of nights, was two dances, the second of which was  the dance of Ardhanareshvara, the form of God as half male, half female. She imbues her dance with a spiritual transmission, which has to be seen to be believed. She is a master of becoming that which she is portraying through the dance.

We were also graced with a superb male dancer of the Kathak dance style. His name is Rajendra Gangani. His footwork left us absolutely stunned. He and the Tabla player did a drumming / dance duet with feet and drums mirroring each other in the same rhythm. It is divine to see a male dancer displaying so much exuberance and technical skill at the same time.

Indian Classical Dance

Indian Classical Dance

After such State of the Art Performances it was lots of fun to have our homegrown cabaret. On the last night of the festival. Anyone who attended the festival was invited to create their own magical performance and we had quite an amazing line up of acts, from Belly Dance to Punjabi Dance and everything in-between.

Living Tantra
After the festival, we had two days of what we call, Living Tantra, where we let go of structure, and just be with the Tantric energy that has been awakened. During that time, James offered a Cacao Ceremony, which was all about allowing our ecstasy to find its way into all of life.

The Tantra Caravan
For next year, the Festival team are planning an amazing Indian Tantra Caravan, beginning with a Darkness Retreat, (facilitated by Shashi and co teacher) followed by the Tantra Meditation Retreat, (facilitated by Sarita and co-teacher), Trekking in the Himalayas, (facilitated by Rahi, a registered trekking guide), the Osho Tantra Festival, (with an amazing array of teachers), a Couples Weekend, (facilitated by Sarita and co-teacher) and a Sacred Tour of the famous temples of Khajuraho, (facilitated by Sarita, Shashi, James and Niten.) Interested anyone?? If so, please send your request to info@tantra-india.com or supragya@tantra-essence.com

Life Is A Festival
People tend to think of festivals as being a short break from the daily grind. However, after this last festival, I am sensing the very real potential for Life itself to

Tantra Festival 2014

Tantra Festival 2014

become the festival, and why not? Just imagine: a little work and a lot of play, a lot of hugging and cuddling, lots of dancing, lots of singing, lots of sensorial delights, lots of amazing food, beautiful sacred ritual and lots of appreciation for everything and everyone! Next year’s festival will be on the theme of The Senses. (This year we worked with the theme of the Chakras.) Tantra has so many doors into the inner sanctum of bliss, and each year it is wonderful to play with a new way of opening up to all that we can be.

There is someone I believe deserves special mention here, Ashwin Bharti. He is the host of the festival and the mastermind behind what is on offer at his Zorba the Buddha Centre. He has an exceptional gift for bringing together disparate paths, people and modes of personal development. In this sense, he is carrying forward the eclectic spirit of Osho.

James and Lalita did a phenomenal job organizing the festival and we can look forward to them carrying on next year.

I look forward to continuing this effervescent Tantra pilgrimage.
Shall we toast to the Festival Of Life?

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