Meditation of the Month: Do you want to be Happy?

“Good Morning; Do You Want To Be Happy Or Miserable Today?”

This is a meditation described by Osho. He tells the story of a great Sufi Master who was on his deathbed.
His disciples asked the Master to tell them his secret of why he was always happy. They had never seen him sad! He recounted that he practiced this technique every day:

happy meditation
Upon waking, stretch your body. Then, say the following words out loud: “Good Morning _________(your name). Today is a brand new day! Do you want to be happy or miserable today?”

Then tune in, and find out which answer is arising in you.

If the answer is, “miserable” then this becomes your meditation that day. Be as miserable as you can the entire day. No ray of hope or joy is allowed to penetrate the thick grey fog of misery.

And if your answer is, “happy!” then happiness becomes your meditation for the day. Be as happy as you can for the entire day. No misery of any kind is allowed to give rise to negative thought forms. On this day, you become like a joyous ray of pure sunshine!

After telling his disciples this story, the master commented, “For some reason, I have always found myself choosing happiness!”

I love this meditation. I have practiced it as a series of 21 days, and it created a revolution in my life. Sometimes, I really wanted to choose misery, and by going with this impulse, I learned many things about the way misery functions and why we may choose this path. By wallowing in it fully and totally the whole day, I was liberated from its shadow. By practicing this meditation I realised I have a choice! It is up to me how I want to live my life. By choosing happiness, I take responsibility for happiness. I become the master rather than the slave of outer circumstances. This is so liberating!

It is great to do this as a series for 21 days, and later on, if you feel you need a ‘top up’ just do another series.

After you do a series of 21 days, I look forward to hearing your feedback how it went!

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