Mocktail Beer

Mocktail Ginger Beer

From The Bohemian Masala Art Café
Varkala Beach, North Cliff
Varkala, Kerala

At the time of writing I am in Varkala, Kerala and came across this wonderful organic café, which serves traditional Kerala cuisine.

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

They cook everything over a wood fire in clay pots. The food is super delicious and nurturing, using brown rice and vegetables cooked with coconut. They also offer yoga classes and trainings.

After a walk in the heat of the day along the seaside cliff, I was in ecstasy drinking their special homemade Ginger Beer. The owner kindly gave me permission to put the recipe in my newsletter. This might be the last thing you want to try during the cold winter, but keep this recipe safe and try it in the summer. It is simply sublime!

The amounts given are for one tall glass of Mocktail Ginger Beer.

Four slices of fresh pineapple
Two grams fresh ginger
Two grams organic honey
Juice of one fresh lemon
Sparkling water

Put the pineapple, lemon juice, ginger and ice in the blender and blend till it is creamy luscious.
Top it up (about one 7th of the glass) with sparkling or fizzy water.
Add the organic honey on top and simply allow this to seep into the drink on its own without stirring.
Decorate the side of the glass with a pineapple slice or pineapple leaf before serving.

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