Tachyon Ultra Cocoon

In my opinion the Tachyon Ultra Cocoon is the best present you can buy for a loved one or for yourself this Christmas or New Years. I have been using this product for 20 years and can’t imagine life without it! It is easy to use, you just lay down and put yourself into it, relax for 20 minutes to half an hour and emerge, fresh and rejuvenated! It feels almost like having at least half a night’s sleep to be in it for just 20 min. It is the perfect way to recharge.

In this 5 minute video, I demonstrate how to use a Tachyon Cocoon.

I use the Tachyon Cocoon for the following situations whether that be for myself, for friends or for clients:

  • Emotional, mental and physical tiredness
  • Jet lag
  • Back ache
  • Eye strain
  • Stress
  • Asthma
  • Feeling the need to be alone and go into meditation
  • Integration and centering after a powerful event
  • For children who have learning difficulties


Included in your cocoon bag are the following:

Two Tachyonized cocoon bands, which should be put together with the velcro on the bands.

4 Tachyonized silica disks, two for placing your hands on and two for the bottom of the feet.

Two Tachyonized feet pockets, designed to hold the silica disks in place on the bottom of the feet.

1 Tachyonized eye mask for placing over your eyes while in the cocoon.

To wear the cocoon:
1) Lay down with your spine on the cocoon strap.
2) Place the foot pockets on your feet and put the silica disks inside them, with the silica disks being at the bottom of the feet.
3) Place the other two silica disks under where your hands will be resting by your sides.
4) Put your eye mask on.
5) Pull the band between your legs and up over your chest to the level of your chin, then roll up the excess amount of the band.
6) Pull the band which is under the back of your head, up and over the middle of your face, and then connect this band to the other one so that you are inside a circle of Tachyon energy emanating from the band.

Rest and recharge. If you find yourself going to sleep, that is perfectly natural. You will find yourself naturally emerging from the cocoon when your body feels it has had enough.

You can use the cocoon once per day or less often, according to your need.

You can buy the Tachyon Ultra Cocoon here and also check out the other tachyon products which I use and recommend here.

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