Sacred Union on the Equinox

We are entering today the last square of Pluto and Uranus – this has been a two year tension between the crown and base chakra energies on the planet stimulating transformation in many areas. This equinox there is also a supermoon solar eclipse just hours before the actual equinox. Therefore the sun, the moon, the earth, the galactic centre, the active energies of spirit and matter are all in various forms of alignment providing a wonderful opportunity for planetary tantra.

Here is a brief outline for a bare bones ritual. There are ceremonies being held all over the planet – you may be inspired to create one of your own at this time. Being able to hold a point of synthesis in a field where the tension between polarities is intensifying is the mark of the modern initiate. An individual or couple who are able to hold their identity in the centre of all dualities can hold a field for others to come into sacred union – both inside themselves and between themselves as a result of connection to the life principle. Tension between opposites is able to be held long enough to shift them from conflict into harmony.

Conflict escalates when there is no centre, when there is competition for the centre or when those holding the centre try to dominate the field. The paradox is that in order to hold a portal or doorway in the centre through which energies of synthesis can flow, then there must be a centre which is not a centre – an empty centre. Empty of identity but full of life. Thus those holding such a centre must know how to surrender their identity to the life principle and thus remain outside of the sphere while at the same time helping to synthesise it. By identifying with this principle they both transcend the sphere and yet fully penetrate it at the same time.

EquinoxThe equinoxes and solstices are the cross which relates the earth to the sun and so they have long been used as temples in time for relating personality to soul. In the era since 2012 we also have a unique alignment between the solstices that represent an earth/sun alignment and the galactic centre.

It is this alignment between the earth as personality, sol as soul and galactic centre as monad that ushers in a new cycle of integration, the reappearance of the temples or modern mystery schools, the Age of Aquarius and the spiritual governance of the earth by the group avatar of love. The times of the equinoxes and solstices provide an opportunity for spontaneously coordinated global rituals. A true planetary tantra where the polar opposites are brought together in sacred union.

Bare Bones Formula for a Sacred Union Ritual on the Equinoxes/Solstice

1. Create a circle (really a sphere) with a cross – the esoteric symbol for the earth as well as the base chakra. This can be done simply with four stones or the elements represented in the four directions. Of course there are astrological correspondences on the cardinal cross but a universal approach might be to use the Integral quadrants of inner (Capricorn) outer (Cancer), I (Aries) and We (Libra)
2. Honour the seven directions concluding with the seventh and the centre.
3. Make a conscious alignment between the core of the earth, the heart of the sun and the galactic centre. Humanity, Hierarchy , Shamballa – or getting past names, Activity, Love and Life.
4. Link with other groups around the world.
5. Honour the two primary universal powers – Shiva, Shakti, – Purusha, Pakriti – or more universally the I and the O or the phallus and the yoni, seed and womb.
6. Welcome the union of polarities in the centre. Some of those dualities are – masculine/feminine, mind/body, light/dark, soul/personality, spirit/matter, stillness/dance etc. Different groups will focus on different things.
7. Anchor and distribute the energies.
8. Close: Within the year the four seasonal qualities can be emphasized as follows:
– Summer solstice – emphasis on the inner and spiritual union.
– Winter solstice – emphasis on the outer and sexual union.
– Spring equinox – emphasis on individuality and freedom.
– Autumn equinox – emphasis on relationship and love.
Each of these polarities should be present in each ritual but the emphasis changes with the seasons and will be balanced by those groups in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Essentially this is the ancient rite of Hieros Gamos (see previous blog) or sacred union that is at the heart of all temples ancient and modern. Some will want to express it symbolically as an inner yabyum of Shiva and Shakti while others will want to express it in an outer sexual union between partners. Some may be capable of both. It will allow us to perform planetary tantra and hold point for the coming together of those souls we share a destiny with.

Bruce Lyon

(Republished with permission of Bruce Lyon,

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