Mystic Tantra Massage Training Feedback

The Mystic Tantra Massage Training is an exquisite opportunity to experience and learn two of the most delicious and profound Tantra massages one could imagine. This training is suitable for individuals, couples and massage therapists and is run annually in a gorgeous holiday location by Sarita and initially Nisarga and now Suta.
Mystic Tantra Massage Training
The 2016 training will be on 30 July to 12 August at the beautiful TAOS Center on the island of Paros, Greece.

Last year’s participants were blown away by the training – you can read some of the testimonials and feedback below.

Check out some of the photos here.

Describing this massage with words is like trying to see colors with your nose. The only way to understand it, is to experience it yourself.

A testimonial by Boaz Capsouto

Boaz - Mystic Tantra Massage Training participantMost types of conscious awakening are a very simple and humbling experience. So simple in fact that they can almost be missed through the layers of distractions our day-to-day lives offer, from pain to bliss, from work to relationships. However, when we learn to listen, to our body, heart and soul, they have the potential to reframe everything we know about existence and connect us to an inner truth within ourselves and with others. In some cases, we might be lucky to get a glimpse into this deep truth, from a safe space, with the assistance of an experienced teacher who gives us a “pointer” experience into that direction, like a lighthouse in a wild vast sea, illuminating our path in new dimensions. It then opens the doors of perception into forces much greater than one’s self, showing us the way to surf the waves of awareness and become the ocean itself.

The Mystic Tantra massage course, and the superb facilitation of Sarita and Nisarga, were this lighthouse for my soul. Quickly into the course I discovered that there are forces in me, strong and divine, awakening the body as a passageway for transformation, in places that were longing to break free. It was an experience beyond words, life changing and accelerating, humbling and unique.
It taught me to stop, and be. To listen to the stillness and observe the subtle movement of that which cannot be expressed. I was led into a process, vivid and magnificent, of depth and serenity that has been increasing ever since in all aspects of my life.

At the end of the course, when I was asked how I plan to tell people about this massage, I replied the only thing that can describe it. “I won’t tell anyone about it, as it is not something the mind can understand in words, I will offer others the opportunity to experience it, by giving the massage myself.”

Ever since, it has been a gift to be able to walk this path as a tantric body worker, and share this heart opening practice with others all around the world, integrating it with anything and everything spirituality and awareness have to offer. Honored by the level of transformation it introduced me to, I can only say – if you want this lighthouse to show your ship the way, learn how to engage your life force energy as a vessel for transformation, come and try it for yourself.

To read more about Boaz’s mystic massage offerings and holistic counseling click here.

Discovering the Tao and the Kashmiri massages I felt like my energy clicked all of a sudden and something slipped into the right place.

A testimonial by Ma Dhyan Shakti

Ma Dhyan Shakti receiving her certificate on the Mystic Tantra Massage TrainingBeing trained and working in allopathic medicine for many years I felt at a certain point that this was not enough anymore, that I needed something deeper and more holistic to really touch and help people on their way to self-discovery and healing.

Discovering the Tao and the Kashmiri massages I felt like my energy clicked all of a sudden and something slipped into the right place. Being a meditation made them even more appealing to me and I dived into them head on….or I should say soul on. I loved the way they were taught by Sarita and Nisarga, one step at a time, going deeper into meditation first, deeper inside ourselves, each day and then teaching and practicing them piece by piece. Opening more each day allowed us to fully experience the massage, in body, mind and spirit, both as givers and as receivers. The space they created helped us learn more about ourselves first in order to be able to offer this beautiful, healing touch to others.

When I started offering the massages I was astounded at the range of perceptions people had regarding the massages. This depended on how open they were, and on the issues the massage brought to the surface to be loved and healed. However, all shared one thing, which came up again and again: all who received the massage stated that they had never been touched like this before, emphasizing to me the importance of a loving, conscious touch, which is offered from the core of love in a space of meditation.

For me, as a giver, it has been a heart opening, core centering, energy rising experience every time I offer a massage. And every time I offer a massage I am grateful to my teachers and to my intuition for the guiding provided in this direction. Being able to hold a safe space for whatever arises in the other while I touch the other’s body makes me feel like I am touching their soul, and there have been moments when I have been so in tune with a client, that I could literally feel whatever they are going through. What an amazing experience it has been for me to be able to feel another human being at this deep level, a soul to soul communication! When I took the training I didn’t know it would be a wonderful gift for me too, a gift which I will receive again and again every time I offer the massage to others. Thank you Sarita and Nisarga! I am embracing you and loving you, always.

If you would like to contact Shakti to taste this sublime massage , you can contact her here.

Additional feedback from participants on the 2014 training:

“… [I received] not only new techniques but initiation and transformation too. My own special journey into the Tantra world…”

“… open heart, contact with bliss, body, increase consciousness, and knowledge of excellent Kashmiri massage. Many things, many gifts: woman ritual, beautiful time, pearl of wisdom from the trans-yoni healing. I will practice Kashmiri massage with my partner and keep opening…”

“I received abundance in everything: knowledge, love, space to work and see myself in depths I didn’t even know are there. I received love towards myself as a woman. I received also presence and bliss and appreciation for the beautiful body I have. The highlight of this course has been the return of the innocence… playfulness, divinity. I will walk and talk slower, with more conscious and truth in my middle line…”

“… I would (and plan to) help others taste the experience, by offering massage, making it my profession, and setting an example. It cannot be explained by words. It is the poetry of the wind and the waves. Transformation, rebirth, humility… It will become my daily life and essence…”

“… Contentment, feedback of my soul process. The technique and structure of the Kashmiri and Taoist massages gave me a peek into the path of Tantra… Be centered in my own energy. Keep my path to total empowerment as a man of the new age. Sharing the massage as a gift for women…”

“As a massage therapist I received:
– a totally new, holistic approach about the body, mind, spirit.
– new techniques and postures
– how to include sexual energy in a session
– new tools of energy work
– meditation methods and rituals
– most important for me is the direct transmission of what meditation is and to apply this state in healing
Everyone who is interested to go deep into massage, healing and meditation should join this group!”

“I gained depth and understanding of Tantric practice and its connection to the physical body and sensual energy. I learned the dignity and sacredness of bodywork as a professional. I know it is already within me. The healing and transformation I’ve been through will be reflected in my work, the way I receive and touch clients. To anyone who is interested, know that you would learn not just techniques but the essence and art of massage as a Tantric practice, as well as guidance in integrity.”

“I received depth, technique and subtlety. It’s in meditation, in my hands, in massages and in my couple for the moment. I hope in my profession soon. This kind of massage can change your life, will help you to be more present in your body, in your sexuality, in your life.”

“It was a real gift, to free my body and allow myself to be a complete woman, allow myself to just be me. I received a lot! Technique, love, sharing, opening, release, it was all wonderful! Just allowing myself in the present moment to be myself, going into meditation, keeping connected, respecting myself… discovering my new body and letting myself have more pleasure… just live! I would encourage especially every woman I meet to follow this course just to find who she really is, to release and let go as a woman all that she carries in her body. And men too of course, to improve all relationships.”

“I got a deeper understanding of my touch and how important it is to touch in a conscious way, being centered yourself first of all. I now have a more coherent structure for my touch. I will include the meditations in my daily practice. Thank you”

“What I got was more awareness, more tolerance, more acceptance, less expectations, allow, be, bucket loads of love, healing, and more balance between my masculine and feminine. I will use this increased awareness to remain present and centered through the joy and the sadness and any other emotions. I will remain more the witness. The wu wei. I know I can live in vulnerability, from a place of love. If you are asking the questions: who am I, what am I, where am I… the path has commenced. If you wish to learn to live through the body more, less in the mind, a more balanced approach, try Tantra, a journey of self liberation and expression with honor and love to yourself.”

“… love, trust, being, self-responsibility. [I plan to apply what I have learned by] being a tantric woman as much as possible, which means growing up! Making the shift in society towards tantric opening. [I learned that] getting in contact with your being is the fastest way to lead a blissful life, including the celebration of difficulties. I am very grateful that this tantra has been offered in high, genuine spirit. I am glad to experience this creative space. It is something special to be cherished. Thank you for giving me a place to heal and move deeper into the mystery of love and life.”

“… deep relaxation in very deep places in my body and more space for my soul to breathe… I will keep giving and receiving such massages to maintain this physical spacious relaxation. I have new awareness of relaxation which I hope to carry into daily life. I will touch people with love and awareness in daily life. I will love my body more in daily life. I will be an even better lover than ever in daily life!!! The best is … people’s faces after 12 days, looking years younger and lighter, with an aura of deep peace….”

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    My name is Kavi and I am from Mumbai. I want to learn all the nuances of a tantric massage. I am interested to learn and absorb all the knowledge, so I can use them for other’s benefit.

    Could you tell me where I can learn this form of Massage?

    thank you

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