Tantra Man Training Feedback

The Tantra Man Training is a comprehensive, experiential journey into masculinity. Below is some feedback from recent participants and a very appreciative partner!

“When my partner took part in Tantra Man workshop, I was 9 month pregnant. This was our first child. I really wanted my man to go there, and be in the men’s company and got some more of this energy. I knew that after coming back he would face a hard and new for him role of a father for our daughter. I knew he would be with me during the birth time and that I will need his support, strength, stability and help. Tomek came back happy, even radiating, full of energy, and strengthened in his masculinity, stability and he gave the sense of safety for me, a woman in this special state, in which I was then. It seems to me that the majority of fears relating to the new role he was about to play in life, dissipated.

In the masculine circle he found support and understanding, and he had a chance to talk about other guys’ experiences and to be with them, and thanks to this retreat work a real lion woke up in him! When a man knows who he is and where to draw his strength from, when he is stable and certain of his masculinity, he can be a support for a woman. This is how it was for us. My lover supported me a lot during the birth and later. He is a great man, partner, lover and father. I wholeheartedly recommend this retreat to all men and I encourage their partners to send them there. It’s worth it. You will do doubt like the man who will come back from the retreat!” Natalia 30.

“I signed up for the Tantra Man group hoping to experience closeness with other men, men’s real power, unity with a group of men, and inspiration. I won’t hesitate to say that it was the best group I have come across and had the pleasure to work with; this group resonated with me a lot. I was inspired that in a group of “strangers” we can find so much brotherhood and support and we can speak the “same language.” In a group of men, to find support without competition is a rather unique experience nowadays. I learned that everything is in me, and it’s just a matter of making use of it. I felt myself whole, complete, as an individual and as a part of group. The workshop schedule was very diverse and sometimes quite intense; there was always something that impressed me. Even if I found myself awkward in any activity, it was a huge lesson to me. I would highly recommend it; it is like a return to the source of male energy, finding power within. If you want to feel free, wild and self-confident this group is for you.” Rafal, 42

“When signing up for the Tantra Man group I didn’t have any expectations, just curiosity, openness to new experiences, new situations, meeting new people and “self-refreshes”. This group gave me lot of inspiration, motivation and phenomenal, spontaneous energy for what I am deeply grateful. Thank you and looking forward to new group and meeting with man again.” Wojciech 43.

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