Meditation of the Month and Book Review

Osho has offered his commentary on each of the 112 methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra in the Book of Secrets. I have read thousands of books in my life. If I was travelling to another planet and could only take one book with me, it would be The Book of Secrets. Why?book of secret — because it is a book that carries the ultimate transmission, for body, heart, mind and soul. It also has within it a lifetime of meditation techniques which you can practice and evolve with to your fullest potential. In the Tantra Meditation Retreat which happens each year in November, in Osho Nisarga, Dharamsala, India, I teach these methods in an experiential format.

The methods are offered in the form of a love dialogue between Shiva and his consort Paravati. She asks questions about life love and spirituality and Shiva answers. Each of his answers is given in sutra form, a short condensed spiritual transmission. Each sutra offers a meditation technique. By practicing the sutra, the answer, which was already encoded in our being (as a dormant potential), is awakened as a deeply lived and embodied experience. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is in essence, a multidimensional path to Enlightenment.

Here below, is a quote of Osho speaking about one of these methods. The Shiva Sutra is:

“When in such embrace your senses are shaken as leaves, enter this shaking”.

“When in such embrace, in such deep communion with the beloved or the lover, your senses are shaken as leaves, enter this shaking. We have even become afraid: while making love you do not allow your bodies to move much, because if your bodies are allowed much movement the sex act spreads all over your body. You can control it when it is localized at the sex center. The mind can remain in control. When it spreads all over your body, you cannot control it. You may start shaking, you may start screaming, and you will not be able to control your body once the body takes over.

We suppress movements. Particularly, all over the world, we suppress all movements, all shaking for women. They remain just like dead bodies. You are doing something to them; they are not doing anything to you. They are just passive partners. Why is this happening? Why all over the world do men suppress women in such a way? There is fear — because once a woman’s body becomes possessed, it is very difficult for a man to satisfy her: because a woman can have chain orgasms; a man cannot have. A man can have only one orgasm; a woman can have chain orgasms. There are cases of multiple orgasms reported. Any woman can have at least three orgasms in a chain, but man can have only one. And with man’s orgasm, the woman is aroused and is ready for further orgasms. Then it is difficult. Then how to manage it?

She needs another man immediately, and group sex is a taboo. All over the world we have created monogamous societies. We seem to feel that it is better to suppress the woman. So, really, eighty to ninety percent of women never know what orgasm is. They can give birth to children; that is another thing. They can satisfy the man; that is also another thing. But they themselves are never satisfied. So if you see such bitterness in women all over the world — sadness, bitterness, frustration — it is natural. Their basic need is not fulfilled.

Shaking is just wonderful because when you shake in your sex act the energy starts flowing all over the body, the energy vibrates all over the body. Every cell of the body is involved then. Every cell becomes alive because every cell is a sex cell.

When you were born, two sex cells met and your being was created, your body was created, those two sex cells are everywhere in your body. They have multiplied and multiplied and multiplied, but your basic unit remains the sex cell. When you shake all over your body, it is not only a meeting of you with your beloved. Within your body also, each cell is meeting with the opposite cell. This shaking shows it. It will look animal-like, but man IS an animal and there is nothing wrong in it.

This second sutra says:-
“When in such embrace your senses are shaken as leaves, enter this shaking”.
A great wind is blowing and a tree is shaking. Even the roots are shaking, every leaf is shaking. Just be like a tree. A great wind is blowing, and sex IS a great wind — a great energy blowing through you. Shake! Vibrate! Allow every cell of your body to dance, and this should be for both. The beloved is also dancing, every cell vibrating. Only then can you both meet, and then that meeting is not mental. It is a meeting of your bio-energies.

11222054_1868883430003831_8692944436312583104_nEnter this shaking, and while shaking don’t remain aloof. Don’t be a spectator, because mind is the spectator. Don’t stand aloof! Be the shaking, become the shaking. Forget everything and become the shaking. It is not that your body is shaking: it is YOU, your whole being. You become the shaking itself. Then there are not two bodies, two minds. In the beginning, there are two shaking energies, and in the end just a circle—not two.

What will happen in this circle? One, you will be part of an existential force — not a societal mind, but an existential force. You will be part of the whole cosmos. In that shaking you will be part of the whole cosmos. That moment is of great creation. You are dissolved as solid bodies. You have become liquid — flowing into each other. The mind is lost, the division is lost. You have a oneness.

This is Advaita, this is non-duality. And if you cannot feel this non-duality, then all the philosophies of non-duality are useless. They are just words. Once you know this non-dual existential moment, then only can you understand the Upanishads. Then only you can understand the mystics — what they are talking about when they talk of a Cosmic oneness, a wholeness. Then you are not separate from the world, not alien to it. Then the existence becomes your home. And with that feeling that “Now I am at home in the existence,” all worries are lost. Then there is no anguish, no struggle, no conflict. This is what Lao Tzu calls Tao, what Shankara calls Advaita. You can choose your own word for it, but through a deep love embrace it is easy to feel it. But be alive, shaking, and become the shaking itself.”

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