Recipe of the Month – ‘Real’ Guacamole

As a child, I was visiting a friend of my mother and her stunningly beautiful daughter from Mexico. As we were preparing dinner together, the daughter, a girl a bit older than me, asked me if I would like to learn how to prepare ‘real guacamole’, as opposed to the ‘fake kind’ served in many restaurants of the world. She said, “Never believe it if people tell you to put sour cream or garlic in guacamole. The real Mexican recipe is very simple and much more delicious.”

GuacemoleShe then proceeded to mash two avocados with a fork, chop a tomato and part of an onion very fine and mix this together with the avocados, squeeze one and a half lemons into the mix and add salt and pepper to taste. She explained to me that the lemon will keep the avocado from going brown and lift up the flavour as well. This was served with corn tortilla chips and acted as a complementary condiment with the rest of the meal, which was bean tacos and salad.

I have faithfully followed this recipe for Guacamole since that time, and being a great lover of avocados, (which by the way are one of the great super foods of this earth), I make this recipe often. It tickles me to see how much people love and invariably ask for the recipe for my guacamole, exclaiming how much better it is than the guacamole they have been accustomed to. Each time I make it, I send a silent blessing to that beautiful girl I met so long ago who turned me on to the wonders of ‘Real Mexican Guacamole.’

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