Receipe of the Month: Raw Cacao Delight

Try this amazing Cacao Delight and experience a mouthgasm. We were doing a blindfolded sensorial journey at Zorba the Buddha in Delhi during the Tantra Festival. The cook made these amazing bliss balls and we went into pure rapture.

raw cacaoIngredients: (make sure the ingredients are organic)
Raw cacao powder
Crushed dates
Crushed raisins
A pinch of finely grated coconut
Small pinch of Cinnamon powder
Small pinch of finely grated orange peel

Mix the dates, raisins, coconut, orange peel and a small pinch of cinnamon all together to make a pasty mush. Take a piece of this and roll into a ball shape. Roll each ball in cacao powder.

Arrange on a pretty serving plate and offer as an aphrodisiac ‘yum’. It is also lovely served to someone you are intimate with who has their eyes blindfolded…..then exchange….These are also amazing when fed directly from the lips!

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