Tantra Teacher Training 2017-2019

An Invitation from Sarita

We are witnessing a huge upsurge of Tantra in the world. Tantra is now entering the mainstream. In fact, As Layla Martin says, “Tantra is the new Yoga!” I am aware of Tantra Festivals springing up in seven different countries and this momentum is certainly only going to increase. There is a growing need for high caliber Tantra Teachers to meet the demand.

After centuries of sexual repression and religious conditioning which have served to create a schizophrenic split between our sexual and spiritual aspects, it is now time to liberate our fullest potential as human beings. Tantra is becoming increasingly important in today’s society because it liberates us into being who we are meant to be, ecstatic beings in a world based on the union of love and consciousness.

The Tantra Teachers Training is based on the Chakra system and the Sex to Superconsciousness model given to the world by Osho, which is an excellent backbone for diving into Tantra. This training is much more in-depth however than simply working with chakras. The chakras are the framework and from there we add in multi layers of experience and teaching skills, in multi aspects of Tantra. And all of this is taught as a ‘lived experience’. You first experience and from that space you will be teaching. Being filmed is an integral part of the training and greatly accelerates your ability and confidence.

Some of the attributes of a world class Tantra Teacher are:

Deeply lived experience in: meditation, emotional fluidity, ecstatic sexuality and knowledge about sexuality, abilities in public speaking, healthy lifestyle, harmonious team work, good DJ skills, Kundalini awakening, opening and flowering of the chakra system, sacred theater, good dancer, esoteric wisdom, compassion and love.

In addition to this, it is most helpful to know how to decorate a space and transform it into a Tantra Temple, how to design groups, how to create and hold Tantra Ritual and how to hold space for many people to go through positive transformation. It is also important to know how to help both men and women as complementary opposites.

Last but not least is the need to know how to create a successful Tantra Business. All this and much more is being taught in the Tantra Essence Tantra Teacher’s Training.

This training is based on my 43 years on the Tantra Path and 27 years as a worldwide Tantra Teacher. By participating in this training you are giving yourself the gift of accelerated personal and professional development. The world needs Tantra Teachers and people need to find professions that help to nurture positive change in this world. Listen to your body heart and soul, and if you feel the call, join us for this powerful transformative Tantra Teacher Training beginning 26th April 2017.

(A special note for men; we currently have more space available for men in this training. Many women are interested in learning and teaching Tantra and there are not enough male Tantra Teachers out there to balance the women. So men, consider carefully and discover how to optimize your potential through training to become a Tantra Teacher, in tandem with gorgeous Shaktis…)


To enrol on the training, it will be necessary to fill in a questionnaire and have an interview with Sarita or her co-teacher Anahata.

Download the questionnaire as a Word Document or as a Adobe PDF Document


For more information, including investment and venue details see here.

The venue for Part 1 of the training (26 April to 9 May 2017) is Corfu Buddhahall. See here for photos.

To book or for more information please contact Supragya who is organising the training at supragya@tantraessence.com or by telephone on 0044(0) 1769 581232.

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