Living Tantra: Men and Women

About 10 years ago, I was in a silent meditation retreat in pristine nature with no interference from worldly activities. While sitting in meditation under my favourite tree, a luminous ascended master appeared in front of me. He stated that he is part of a group of masters who are concerned about the well-being of the earth and of humanity’s role on this earth. He informed me that this group of masters has come to the conclusion that the only way to avert disaster is dependent upon the women of this earth coming together and creating an alternative culture based on love and compassion. He reminded me that 50% of the population is female and that women are naturally empathic and bond easily with other women. He said it is imperative that we women shift the balance towards unity and love, otherwise this planet is doomed to end in a global suicide. He asked me to promise that I would establish women’s groups and create a women’s awakening and empowerment movement.
I suddenly felt a huge burden on my shoulders and couldn’t believe he was asking me to take on the humongous task of getting all the women of the earth together! He smiled compassionately and told me that simultaneous to the message I was receiving, women who are channels all over the world were receiving the same message.
Flashing to the present: I recently taught a women’s empowerment training with 70 women in Czech Republic. My organiser there has invited me to create an International Empowered Women’s Teacher Training. This is due to launch in 2018. I am excited about this as I sense the time is ripe.

Wherever I turn these days, there are women’s groups, festivals and trainings springing up like mushrooms in a forest. Women are dismantling many myths about ourselves, held dear for centuries during the times of patriarchal suppression of the feminine. We are rediscovering our true feminine essence. This resurgence of the feminine can only help to make this world a better place and I am very happy to be a support for this process.
I have heard Osho say that if we want to help men to be liberated, first women have to be liberated. It is true that in Tantra, the woman is considered to be the initiatress. This is because she is heart centred, and love is the essence of life. It is also the portal for communion with Godliness.
As more and more women awaken all over the world, I have noticed that simultaneously a thirst is arising in men to join men’s groups. This is a really good sign of changing times. In the so-called civilised world, men have been denied any possibility of finding true happiness. Because he has been psychologically castrated by religions and put in service of a war agenda by brigands masquerading as government leaders, he has been unable to develop his potential for creating paradise on earth in harmony with nature.

In this blog, I asked some teachers who are affiliated with Tantra Essence or part of the Tantra Essence Team to write about their experience of working with men in men’s groups or women in women’s groups. I am sure you will enjoy their writing and I hope these blogs will inspire you to join the movement for a world where men and women both, are liberated from past and present nightmares, evolving into conscious and loving custodians of this earth, in tune with the dharma.


Prem Tanmaya holds amazing talent and wisdom; she is a true Tantra Protégé! Having apprenticed with Sarita from the tender age of 24, she was already a world class Tantra Teacher by the age of 30.

Women’s Spirituality by Prem Tanmaya
“We as women don’t have to go to any church or temple to pray in order to meet face to face with god. We only have to love ourselves, our body and our innate divinity; then we meet god in this very body.”

Our soul path is written through choosing to be born as a woman.
Women are naturally connected to nature and life itself.
In tune with the moon cycle, we are moving through different phases in our life and body as part of our menstrual cycle.
Therefore: Woman is change as is nature.

As we dive deeply into each of the phases of our cycle we can allow and embrace the changes -we can connect with the goddess, Gaia, Sofia.

Through our capacity to give birth we are life itself, earth itself, nature itself. We have the same wisdom of life inside of us. And through the small death we experience each month with our menstruation we are also deeply connected with death, whether we are aware of it or not.

Female spirituality is all inclusive, containing, birth, death, love, all emotional states and the quality of prayer and devotion.
The expression of the goddess is unique and can be lived in everyday life
It is spirituality of ‘YES’! And ‘Yes’ is an Ego destroyer, ‘Yes’ is openness to life and openness to pleasure. Therefore, being an empowered woman also means to celebrate our sensual nature.

My Transformation
I was set totally on fire for women’s work after I witnessed and experienced the depth of transformation and immense healing of being in a circle of women.

I have seen my own life transforming dramatically since apprenticing with Ma Ananda Sarita, but ultimately, I was most stunned to experience the ease and grace of transformation that came to me through the Empowered Woman training. I was blown away when I realized that the “only” thing I have to do is to relax into my feminine nature and love myself.
Easier said than done! However, the Empowered Woman training has assisted me in finding the way home.

My Experience of Working with Women in Groups
Having transitioned into being a Tantra Teacher, I am deeply honoured to be in service of the awakening of women to their divine essence, which is innate in all of us. As I teach the Empowered Woman Training and other women’s groups I notice how profoundly female spirituality is based on trust, love and surrender.

The ease of connection with women is a constant support for me. Even when we are not physically close these gatherings have changed me inside out; I now know that I have all the resources within me and can reach out to other women anywhere in the world, because, Women, we DO all speak the same language, love.

I have experienced the power of the sacred from early childhood on; I have been playing and creating rituals, which were based on worship and beauty. It is our gift as women to make space for the sacred within the mundane whether it is through a meal we prepare with love and devotion, raising a child in utter awareness or sharing our creativity and beauty through dance, singing or acting. We can bring sacredness to any activity we do.

As we open to our unique fragrance of being a woman, life starts to be a blessing rather than a problem. Opening to the mysteries and peaceful powers we behold as women helps us to relax into our core.

Shaktifest, a celebration of the divine feminine
I am deeply grateful that I am also able to share this mystery of female co-creation through co-organizing a festival for women in the birthplace of Tantra, in India itself. The Shaktifest is a 5 days celebration of being a woman, we are inviting world famous female teachers such as Ma Ananda Sarita, Laurie Handlers, Lin Holquist and many more. This is a space to celebrate being a woman in a safe environment of international sisterhood. We relax, play, meditate, sing, dance, cry and laugh together, discovering how we can love ourselves, those close to us, and the world, more abundantly. More about the festival:


Amrita has been on a fast track of spiritual awakening, having participated in the 7 level couples training, the Tantra Teacher Training and the Empowered Woman Training through Tantra Essence and has also done numerous other groups and trainings in her determination to flower into her fullest potential. She is now an amazing Tantra Teacher and healer, helping many to reconnect with their true nature.

Awakening the Divine Feminine by Amrita

There are lots of energy shifts right now on the planet, because we are going through an awakening process of all humanity. The call is to bring balance and harmony so we can enter the new Golden Era of peace, love and consciousness that we desperately yearn for. Because of this, everything that is not aligned with this new paradigm comes to the surface. That is why lots of people experience crisis in their relationships, work, health and emotional or energy imbalance. As if all the unprocessed stuff just exploded, and there is no other way just to face it. Everything is questioned and your Higher Self is challenging you, whether what you live is in tune with what you have come here for.

Since the whole process is so intense, people are searching for new ways how to deal with it. And this brings them on the path of healing and awakening. However, we can see that in this process mostly women are the ones that step out from their comfort zone and start searching and making changes. This is because the whole shift is done through first awakening the Divine Feminine. Women are the ones who have the power to bring the change. They are the carriers of healing qualities of love, nurturing, bonding and compassion that are needed. And there is strong call for this.

There are massive shifts and huge movement of the feminine. Women all around the world are awakening and searching for new ways of living. They heal their body, mind and soul through healthy diet, meditations, yoga, emotional and energy work, conscious birth giving, tuning to their menstrual cycle, expanding their potential of heart and intuition.
In this whole process Tantra plays a huge role, because it integrates our sexuality and passion for life with love and consciousness which leads to spiritual awakening and connection to all that is.

I came across Tantra more than 6 years ago and I was astonished by its tremendous transformative power. Since then I am persuaded that this can heal the whole world. And we as women have the power to heal ourselves, anchor in our feminine qualities and initiate men to also heal the Divine Masculine, bringing balance and harmony on this planet.
Since the beginning of my journey, Ma Ananda Sarita has been my main teacher. I see her as an unlimited well of wisdom and deeply lived knowing. She has created a series of Tantra workshops for women to help themselves to awaken to their full Divine potential, called the Empowered Woman Training.

In this series of Tantra groups we work with women’s positive poles in the Chakras to cleanse them and expand their capacity. These are: the heart centre of love and compassion; womb mysteries of emotional and sexual fulfillment; intuition and healing; and woman’s spiritual path.
Through these a woman can step into her full power as a Goddess, who is nurturing her heart with passion and sexual energy, guided by her intuition and aligned with her spiritual path. When we are on the right path, life becomes easy, joyful and harmonious. By living it, we can share these qualities with others and thus change the whole world.
I am now very proud to share this work. And together with my co-teacher Tanmaya, who is an amazing Tantra teacher we are offering these seminars now in Slovakia. I am absolutely blown away by the tremendous shifts that women are capable of. They leave the seminar as completely different people. Their inner light is visible, how it shines through.

I am calling all women to join us and step on the path of the healing of the Divine Feminine whatever way you are called to. We are one and we have the power. Love and blessings to all of you my sisters.”


Deva Presence Is a singer songwriter, model, actor, yogi, permaculture expert and Teacher, specialising in Men’s work. His Jamaican roots give him passion and the ability to transmit maximum sexual power while his love of Yoga and Tantra gives him a heart ready to turn on the whole world to love and joy. He is a true phenomenon and an inspiration for men and women everywhere.

Male Bonding and Initiation by Deva Presence

When I first began to do men’s groups I was completely in awe at the level of instant vulnerability the men offered to other men in the group. They just shared their hurts and frustrations without trying to prove something, be better or compete. I was blown away! This is not the case when meeting with men on the street or at a bar. I realized that men desperately needed a sense of brotherhood that was missing in our busy isolated lives.
Instead of searching for a deep bond with men, we seek for it through women to hopefully create connection and maybe a family bond one day. There is too much emphasis on competition, macho, non-connected interactions between men in fear of being perceived as weak or gay. I was certainly one of them! I remember when I first got a ‘long’ hug from a man (a wee 3 seconds). I stiffened up and looked at him funny while questioning his motives. Now, nearly 13 years later, after many beautiful and platonic male connections, I can hug, hold him or even lay my head on a man’s lap with a deep appreciation for the brotherly bond.
During this bonding process, I began to deeply understand the nature of human beings, especially when engaging with women. I realized that we are all still hiding from each other. I had a massive opening through this realization which propelled me on the path to change that. I realized that men need a warrior spirit to open our hearts and keep them open. For years we have been jaded and affected by relationships in work, with friends and with lovers. We have learned to numb ourselves from the pain that life has brought us. And when we numb from our emotions, simultaneously, we numb our sexuality, our creativity and our spirituality.

Finally, after nearly 20 years of deep work, I found a solution, called “A Warrior’s Rite of Passage.” There is a reason why I use the word ‘warrior’. It’s an extremely tumultuous task that invites you to own your emotions and feel them fully. No more blaming. No more manipulating. No more hiding. Once I realized this master key, I wondered how could I have missed this all these years? And in the dreadful process of cleansing myself of these old patterns, I could see how everyone else (including my most spiritual and loving friends) were also stuck in these old patterns.
I now offer a free online workshop describing this process and host men’s retreats engaging men through a ‘Warrior’s Rite of Passage.’  You can find out more at


Swami Dhyan Niten is a highly gifted Tantra teacher who shares his vibrant and uplifting presence through working with couples, singles and men’s retreats in Asia and Europe. He lived for years in India studying with Yogis and in Osho’s community, and his depth of meditation gives a profound transformative quality to his work.

Men’s Retreats by Dhyan Niten

“There’s something about being part of a Men’s circle which always leaves me speechless; Authenticity, Courage, Transparency, Humour and Healing, just to name a few, is what infuses the group room in a vivid and tangible way. When Men, consciously decide to come together and co-create for a good cause, results are often spectacular for the benefit of all.
Sadly, in modern days, a lot of the focus goes on competition which creates enormous amounts of stress and performance anxiety. What I’ve witnessed over the last 7 years working with Men is that stress and performance anxiety have had a major impact on Men’s sexuality. Sex has become the number one ‘stress release’ along with the hidden fear – “Am I being a good lover?”.
Deep down, Men know that their thirst for sexual fulfillment has not been met, and it’s with this humble realization that participants decide to join a Men’s course. In the Integrated Masculine Training, we focus on self-empowerment in various forms, honouring the individuality of each male participant.
We let go of the idea of ‘becoming someone’ and instead reveal the unique gift waiting to burst out at the core of Man. Male empowerment lies in humbling himself for what he has yet to discover in his ultimate nature: Vulnerability and cultivating the one and only authority that he holds in his hand: Presence. It’s the quality of Presence that is going to determine the maturity of the masculine. When a man can be present for himself, his loved ones and the world at large, he’s finally grown up.
Our training offers a wide variety of methods, exercises, processes and rituals. The main thread that weaves it altogether is Meditation. The ability to awaken the conscious witness in us is what I call meditation. Undivided, neutral observation is what nurtures Presence.

A Modern Brotherhood
The modern man doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore, he needs to show up in full respect for his body, his emotions and his soul calling. Unless a man has aligned with those 3 dimensions, he remains a wanderer in darkness, drifting away, further and further from his true purpose in life.
The modern ‘brotherhood’ is a gathering of men, equally empowered and sharing their talents abundantly. No ‘leaders’ are needed but instead, a deep surrender to the bright light of our Consciousness and a trust in the Power of Love that all of us are carrying at the core of our Being.
The ‘New Man’ has already emerged and is gathering momentum day by day. Soon it will be a global awakening, a raging fire of consciousness.
We truly live in the most exciting time ever!
Niten can be found at:

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