Learn Tantra straight from your bedroom – Master Lover Online Course

Join the Master Lover Online Course!

Become  a Master Lover. Explore the Tantra World of Pleasure, Intimacy & Consciousness.

Imagine feeling fully alive.

Experiencing everything with an open heart and all your senses.

Immersing yourself in sensual delights and breathtaking orgasms.

Feeling your divine power radiating from your every cell. 

From unleashing your ecstatic energy to expanding your consciousness.

Tantra can make this vision come true for you.

I would like to announce an exciting opportunity for you which will introduce you to some precious Tantric tools and techniques, and offering a path of deep fulfillment.
I have created a signature workshop which is transforming lovers all over the world, for years now. My teaching on this subject is tried and tested and embodies deep transformational methods, being a living bridge between ancient and modern approaches.

My famous group, is now accessible as an online course called Master Lover.

You can dive into those teachings from the comfort of your home, alone or with a partner.

I believe it is one of the most beautiful Tantra online courses ever created.

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I have over 26 years of teaching experience and you can trust me with this topic. From 1973 I studied with my Spiritual Master Osho, receiving much personal guidance along the way. I have dedicated almost my entire life to learning, researching, exploring and experimenting, and can therefore make the path easier for those who would like to explore Tantra and divine sexuality.

Master Lover is for each and every human being out there — whether single or in relationship… young or old… straight, gay or experimentative.

It also doesn’t matter whether you’re new or not to Tantra. Because during this course you will discover, explore, and learn things you haven’t even dreamed of. 

This course is for YOU if you’re willing to open your mind and heart to Tantra teachings. Learn to embrace your masculine and feminine aspects and experience a blissful dance of these polarities — the eternal interplay of Yin and Yang.

It’s for you if you want to go deeper into your sexuality to experience life-changing orgasms and powerful soul connection with a partner and even with yourself.

And finally — it’s for you if you want to use this powerful energy and transform it into  spiritual awakening.

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