Learn How to Unify Sexuality, Love & Spirituality

Did you ever question where your behavior and beliefs  in regards to intimacy and relationships come from? When we are born, we get influenced by a blueprint of society and family which tells us that our instinctual nature is dirty and ugly.

This negative belief system is the reason why so many of us have neglected and almost forgotten our birthright for inner ecstasy.  Instead of looking and working with it more closely, we tend to deny our desires and don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the fullness of what sensuality has to offer.

There is a myth that instinctual and spiritual aspects of ourselves need to be separated. This is a message we get throughout childhood, so we are not able to fully live our potential as ecstatic beings. The world is suffering from a disease. It’s an illness that keeps us feel tiny, flat and powerless.

Watch Ma Ananda Sarita’s inspiring talk (click here) where she shares a beautiful analogy on social conditioning, motivating all of us to transform and unwind our conditioning. This offers a preliminary taste of more to come! Sign up for a Free Masterclass with Sarita, which will happen on 23rd of July! And tell your friends to join as well!


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