Tantra Transforms everyone who dives into it

If you’ve been thinking about joining Master Lover, my new online course for diving into the Tantra world of pleasure, intimacy and consciousness with yourself, your beloved and the sacred, let me share with you a few insights.

I’ve received many, many questions about the course, so I did a FB live video and answered the questions that you all had about the course and studying Tantra. If you missed that, read on.

And remember, you can always reach out to support@metamonks.com if you have any questions.

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Now, let me share with you Deva’s transformative story when he came to the Master Lover live workshop. He is also the male actor in my Master Lover online course.

“Imagine, several hours of love making with exquisite orgasmic bliss pulsating from all parts of the body minute by minute… is this possible? 

This was my experience during a Master Lover workshop with Ma Ananda Sarita. The birthing of my inner lover merging with sex and spirit has finally come full circle. My heart is surging with orgasmic bliss as I write this.

For most of my life I thought I had a problem with love making. I would simply ejaculate seconds after entry. Performance anxiety haunted and destroyed so many of my past relationships. And I would find myself fighting with this fear to connect and be seen in sex. Until now.

Now, I know. Now, I know. 

I just need a full ‘Yes’, within me and within the woman I engage with. 

A full ‘Yes’ meaning I am choosing the depth of our connection and she is doing the same. When this is not there my body rejects the connection with ejaculation. 

The body wants full loving connections. One that is vulnerable to the depth of love and bonds that are created with this ‘Yes’ of the heart. I experienced some of the most spectacular love making of my life simply because of this ‘Yes’ that is there.

There are many women that approach me with their desires to connect. However, I can feel when they do not have a full ‘Yes’ in them. And, of course, I can feel when I don’t have a ‘Yes’ in me. It becomes just a desire to explore playfully an intimate sexual engagement without cultivating anything.

I choose to no longer do this in my life. 

How many of you men have had an absolutely beautiful woman in the bed oozing out rich ecstatic orgasms begging you to come inside and you do not? It takes the power of a Magnetic Warrior to do this. To honor them by being in your truth and only engaging fully when that ‘Yes’ is there for both of you. I speak much on this warrior in my online training.

Master Lover taught me that women don’t always want to orgasm every time, all the time. 

It taught me that love making is as beautiful and rich in the YIN (no movement) as it is in the YANG (lots of movement). Balancing the two creates an exceptional love making experience. 

It taught me that love making begins way before we enter the bedroom. 

Master Lover taught me that when I am fully honored and loved by the woman in my masculine chakras (positive poles) without fear or holding back, the love making experience is exceptionally powerful! And the same goes for me honoring and loving her positive feminine chakra poles.

Most importantly, it taught me the importance of loving myself. I need to deeply love myself, before I can ever deeply and truly love someone else.

I am absolutely honored to be the model/actor for this online course and I support it fully. We can certainly use more love in the world. And I’m choosing love!”

With heart,

Deva Presence (source)

After reading this, you may be thinking, “Wow! This course is certainly my next best step!” or perhaps you are a doubter who is thinking, “Nah, but I’m sure this doesn’t work for me. I’m a special case.”

Now, please be aware that postponement and denial is a common trick that the human mind likes to play.

This is one of the biggest obstacles on the path. It’s our mind “protecting” us from change and positive transformation. Thankfully, this inner dialogue is usually wrong, and can be changed!

So, do you feel the calling?

You don’t have to travel to remote destinations to learn Tantra anymore – I am bringing it right into the comfort of your home & bedroom.

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Blessings on your Tantra Path,



P.S. In case you have specific questions about the course you can check the FAQs >>here<< or reach to Omooni via support@metamonks.com

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