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I’m a regular contributor in a website devoted to Female Ejaculation. I was doing a research for my next piece of content and I stumbled upon this awesome article of yours:

I wrote on pretty much the same topic, and I’m very happy when I see so detailed posts like yours. Although this doesn’t happen that often.  I noticed that one of your points was the female orgasm. That’s spot on. I think that is the most important that will make any girl crazy over a guy. However, most men get ‘female orgasm’ totally wrong, that’s probably the reason why most women have to end up faking it.

Actually, I am really passionate about this topic so I wrote a whole article about it: Here I am teaching guys how to give their woman the best orgasms of their lives. I know the topic is quite broad, so I spent a lot of time writing this post, making sure it contains only the stuff that really works.

You can check it out, and I hope you can mention it in your post?

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Either way, keep writing juicy contents.

Thank you for your interest in my blog where I am answering a woman on the subject of orgasm. It is wonderful you would like to share this blog on the website where you are a contributor.

I have looked in-depth into your website. While offering some valuable information, the very premise of “making a woman squirt’ is inherently a wrong approach in my opinion. Therefore, I cannot promote this website. It makes it sound like Amrita (female ejaculation) is a goal that a woman should attain and that a man should be able to make a woman reach this goal. This is flawed and shows a gross misunderstanding of the feminine nature and of Amrita (which means ‘nectar’ in Sanskrit).

It is good if a man is skilled in the arts of love, this is true. However, if he is simply manipulating her to “squirt” this is all based on ego gratification, not on love, not on consciousness, and not on the extraordinary spiritual heights a woman can attain through Amrita. A woman runs the risk of becoming a performing circus act demonstrating her “squirting ability” rather than simply being herself in her feminine nature.

Amrita was spoken about in ancient Tantric scriptures and in ancient Taoist scriptures already thousands of years ago. When the Arts of Love are practiced within the context of Tantra and Meditation, a very different scenario unfolds. Sex becomes worship. Amrita is not a ‘doing’, but a happening, which takes place when the woman lets go into deepest surrender. Through this surrender with her man, and the release of Amrita, she has access to the realm of immortality. It is a prayerful moment, not a squirting contest! If the man is able to drink this life-giving fluid, he is also given access to the realm of the immortals. Both should then sit in deepest meditation, linking to the crown chakra and higher consciousness.

My work is devoted to helping people understand and relax into their true nature as ecstatic beings, body, mind and soul. The path women are naturally drawn to is different to that of a man. Misery happens when men try to project their way of approaching life onto women, and vice-versa. It is really important to bring more understanding to the best way of approaching women by men, and the best approach to men by women. This then needs to be applied to every aspect of life, including sexuality.

In the discourses on your website I saw many flaws in regards to how to approach a woman, sexually. It is a fact that patriarchy is still in place in our society, as women are still conditioned by men’s ways of thinking, and for the most part woman has not yet understood her true power as Woman and as Goddess.

I have an online course, Master Lover which offers methods to access what I am indicating here, and I also offer an Empowered Woman’s Training which goes deeply into the whole subject of the Divine Feminine, so important in today’s world. I hope this answer inspires you to find the true nectar of the divine feminine.

Loving Regards

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