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I receive many enquiries from people who would like to find a Soul Mate, someone with whom they can deeply merge on all levels, body, mind and soul. It appears to be an innate human longing, to merge so deeply with another that we sense ourselves disappearing into each other and becoming one soul in two bodies. Not everyone manages to have this experience in their lifetime, and yet it seems to be a universal longing.

I have deeply lived and continue to experience the phenomenon of the Soul Mate. For many years, I have been helping others to live this as well. In fact, I have been teaching a training for couples called the Tantra Soul Mate Training since 1998. This is a training offered in 7 levels (with the option to continue on to an 8th and 9th level, if desired). The training takes 3 ½ years to complete and typically, a couple will go through 500 hours of theory and practice. Yes, it takes great dedication, and yes, it is TOTALLY worth it! I call it the journey of a lifetime!

What is a Soul Mate?

A Soul Mate, in the beginning, is simply a potential. It is not that you meet someone and BANG! you recognise each other immediately and all is perfect between you. Ha ha! If only it could be that easy! The thing is, you are not perfect, are you? Perhaps you have childhood wounds, not yet healed. Perhaps you have potentials, not yet attained. Well, this is also the case with a potential Soul Mate! He or she is not perfect either!

So, you meet this fucked up person, but you feel strong chemistry, and a meeting of hearts, and there is love. There may also be emotional turmoil, projections, vulnerability, and all the other human frailties. And you wonder, “How in the world can this person ever become my Soul Mate??”

Just as you learned to walk, and you went on falling down, till eventually you got it, so it is with learning any skill, including the skill of merging into the Soul Mate phenomenon. Practice makes perfect! –In this case, the practice is Tantra Meditations before and during sex!

A Soul Mate is someone with whom, you can experience the meeting and merging of your seven chakras and energy bodies. By default, this means you need to clear and open the vertical pathway of your own chakra system just as your partner needs to do this with their own chakra system. And alongside this, you will need to do Tantra practices together which are aimed at the merging and melting of both of your chakra systems simultaneously. This is where the Tantra Soul Mate Training comes in handy!

How to Practice Tantra Meditation in the Couple

When we practice Tantra meditation in the couple, it is most helpful to do this as a series of Tantra Practices. We devote ourselves to the practice for perhaps, 21 love appointments. Then, once this particular series is done, we then let go of any practice and return to our default state of being.
This way of embarking on the Tantra Journey ensures that we will discover a balanced state of being.

When the couple have been living their life in an ordinary way for some time and then feel a thirst arising to again attain those beautiful heights of love and intimacy, they can then move into a new series of Tantra meditations. In this way, the Tantra Journey continues for the couple, doing a series of practices and then letting go of it, and then embarking on a new series, and so on, through the seven levels.

Many couples report to me that they never knew it was possible to attain such profound states of consciousness, intimacy and ecstasy through relationship and sexual union. They are simply blown away. And of course, over time, they will have an ever-deepening experience of the Soul Mate.

Sexual Dysfunction and Other Problems in the Couple

Some couples may wonder, “But what about those couples who suffer from sexual dysfunction, or who are on the verge of divorce? Is there any hope for us?” I have seen miracles galore in my years of teaching. In fact, I have got used to a steady diet of miracles! Tantra meditation in the couple truly is the answer to a myriad of issues and problems that plague couples. I have seen many couples who have tried conventional sex therapy to no avail, being helped immensely by the Soul Mate Training and by Tantra in general.

I well remember one man who studiously dived into all the Tantra practices with his partner for the first three levels of the Soul Mate Training. When he came back on the 4th level, he came up to me and said; “Thank you so much for curing my premature ejaculation problem! You have done a miracle!” I looked at him in amazement, because he had never said so much as one word that he suffered from premature ejaculation. The Tantra Love Appointments had done their magic without me being any the wiser.

Scheduling Love Appointments

Some couples freak out at the idea of scheduling love appointments. They are heard to say things like: “Sex should be spontaneous. I am not a performing monkey. What if I don’t feel like it?” In actual fact, for many people, each and every part of the day is scheduled. We go to work, hairdresser, holiday, etc. on schedule. And yet people don’t tend to schedule in quality time for erotic play including penetrative sex with their lover.

This means that many people come home from work, flip on the TV, have a lousy TV dinner and then finally go to bed around 11:00pm and by chance, they may feel horny and have some sleeping pill style of sex. Then, they wonder why they feel so turned off by the idea of having sex with their partner!

When we schedule quality time to practice Tantra with our lover, we find ourselves ‘rising in love.’ We discover such sublime states of consciousness and fusion with our lover that we may wonder what took us so long to realise how valuable intimacy is. In fact, when we combine love and awareness, this is just the right cocktail for deepest rapture and fulfilment. Both the woman and the man feel seen, valued and adored for who they are.

The Thirst for Tantra

Tantra methods create an alchemical blending of opposite polarities. When opposites meet, we are catapulted into the experience of the creation principle, Godliness, the oneness behind duality. This experience is exquisitely blissful. It answers many questions within and sets us on a positive path to deepest fulfilment.

In my experience, it is usually the woman who is thirsty for the Soul Mate experience and who entices her partner to join her on the Tantra journey for lovers. The man may come to the training because he has an interest in lasting longer in sex and in attaining full body orgasm. He is perplexed when I begin speaking of practicing esoteric Tantra methods as he doesn’t see how that will help him attain to his goal of sexual mastery. However, once he dives into the methods and begins the journey, he expresses amazement at how profound and fulfilling an experience it is. Because he didn’t know such states of ecstasy were possible, he has no framework to hang it on and therefore may discount it as hogwash before embarking on the journey.

Women know intuitively that the Soul Mate Journey is exactly what they need to find fulfilment. They don’t require a logical explanation, they simply want to dive into the experience. It is really interesting to hold both the masculine and the feminine in a way which is honouring for both as we move into this Tantra exploration. I always tell couples Tantra is always an experiment, with their relationship being the lab.

Chakras: The Tantra Map for Ecstatic Union

Chakras are energy vortexes in the subtle body, which channel refined cosmic energy through the physical body. The chakra system also has a physical aspect, linked to bundles of nerves, located at specific places all along the spine. These bundles of nerves send information into the central nervous system, organs and glands.

For thousands of years in the East, particularly in India, the chakra system has been used as a map to help spiritual seekers find their eventual reunion with source, or what is commonly referred to as ‘Enlightenment.’

Imagine a multifaceted diamond, which represents our original pristine oneness. As the light of creation shines through this diamond of consciousness, the light fractures into all the colours of the rainbow. Each colour carries a certain frequency, representing a particular life lesson. Each of the main seven chakras holds one of these colours and lessons. When we have lived through the lesson represented by that particular chakra, we automatically become more radiant and wise. When all colours of the rainbow merge, the result is white light, representing pristine diamond consciousness.

The chakra system also holds a vital key for the ecstatic union of male and female. An easy way to understand this is to realize the obvious fact, that in the first chakra (sex centre), the man is emissive and the woman is receptive, creating magnetic attraction. But the union of male and female in the first chakra is only the beginning. Just as you experience orgasm with your beloved in the first chakra, it is also possible to experience union and orgasm in each of the 7 chakras. The positive polarity for the male and female are reversed as we rise up through the chakra system, from sex centre to crown. As you explore this map and all it represents, you will be able to discover the key, which unlocks the phenomenon of the Soul Mate. The experience of the Soul Mate is achieved through orgasmic union of all seven chakras between a man and a woman.

Male Positive Polarities in the Chakra System

The Chakras listed below are emissive in the male body and receptive in the female body.
Sex centre, (1st chakra) Lesson: Sexuality, groundedness, security Element: Earth Color: Red
Solar plexus, (3rd chakra) Lesson: Wisdom, becoming vast enough to contain all contradictions in life Element: Fire Color: Yellow
Throat, (5th chakra) Lesson: Expression of truth, becoming a co-creator with the divine Element: Ether Color: Turquoise

Female Positive Polarities in the Chakra System

The following chakras are emissive in the female body and receptive in the male body.
Lower belly, (2nd chakra) Lesson: The portals of birth, death and emotional fluidity Element: Water Color: Orange
Heart, (4th chakra) Lesson: Compassion / nurturing /becoming Love itself Element: Air Color: Green or Pink
Forehead, level of eyebrows, (6th chakra) Lesson: Clairvoyance Element: Mental cognition / awareness Color: Indigo Blue

The crown of the head (7th Chakra) is beyond duality. Lesson: Universal Consciousness Element: The Divine inherent in all of life Color: Violet or White

Fitting Together Like Lock and Key

The true empowerment and liberation of women and men will become possible when both are able to open up the flow of life force energy in their emissive chakras, thereby embodying the wisdom inherent in those particular areas. When the emissive chakras are opened up, the receptive chakras are easily able to receive the gifts offered by the opposite sex. In this exchange, we discover that we are made to fit together like lock and key. Contradictions become complementary opposites, and we know at last that harmony is our natural state.

Below is an Osho Quote on the phenomenon of the Soul Mate:

“Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centres can start meeting.

Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into Soul Mates.

It can transform the whole earth; it can transform each couple into Soul Mates.

It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there, unused.

The day humanity uses it, the earth will become aglow with a new love.”

Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Vol 1

The Inner Marriage

Me and my Kaula Team developed another training which is called Sex to Superconsciousness (a term coined by Osho). This training is designed to help individuals to open a dynamic balance in their own Chakra System. This will help you to experience the phenomenon of the Inner Marriage, the harmonious meeting of your inner male, inner female. And if you happen to meet someone from that state of being, it is certainly much easier to slip into the experience of the Soul Mate, from an already opened chakra system. If you are someone who enjoys being single, from an opened chakra system, you can easier melt and merge with the whole universe as your divine lover.

Me and my team of Tantra Essence Teachers offer these trainings in Europe and in Thailand. This work is certainly in high demand, as the world learns the value of living a Tantra lifestyle.

Some persons reading this may be longing for the experience of the Soul Mate and yet be too shy to meet someone and give it a try. My advice for you is this, book a session with Siobhan, who is an expert in helping both men and women to attract the right partner towards yourself.

And if you have found someone but you are not sure if this is the right partner for you, have a session with my sister Madhuri. She will read the Human Design of you and the person you are dating to discover if this is a good match or not.

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