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Some of the information I will share with you in this blog may appear outlandish or even uncomfortable. But all of it is vital to know in order to achieve optimal health on all levels. I encourage you to read the whole blog plus the supplementary article and interview and watch the documentary films listed in the review section.

As I travel the world meeting many people in groups and trainings, often people ask me about how to achieve radiant health. I just completed a one-month Tantra Mystic Massage Training and several people commented: “We have never seen you tired! How do you do it? How can you possibly teach a one-month training and always appear refreshed and full of energy from early morning till night?”

I see people struggling with health issues, living in pain, and dying from degenerative diseases. In most of these cases I see how relatively easy it would be for these people to heal, if they only had access to life-saving information and could act on that. It is in the spirit of empathy and love for all beings that I offer this blog.

Health equals wholeness. It is a process of remembering. We have a tendency while growing up to become fragmented, dismembered. Our soul is hidden from the egoic mind. Our mind and body are separated. Our emotions are buried. Our instinctual nature is shunned. Our sexuality is separated from our spirituality. The full spectrum of our being is not being lived. Rather we live in a fog of forgetfulness. Re-member-ing means to bring all these disparate parts of ourselves back together, thus achieving wholeness. To be whole is healthy and holy.


On the level of the body/mind there are some evils that need to be eradicated from our life if we would like a long and healthy life. These evils have been perpetuated by the status-quo who appear to live in complete unconsciousness and idiocy when it comes to maintaining health.

1) Dental Care: Some countries still use fillings for the teeth which contain mercury, the second deadliest poison on the planet. These types of fillings can only lead to ill health, for the dentist who puts them into the mouth and for the person who has them in their mouth. If you have them, get them removed by a holistic biological dentist who understands how to remove them safely and how to remove the residue of the mercury from your body.

Many dentists still do root canals on teeth. This procedure is very dangerous for health. A dentist named Weston A. Price did extensive research 100 years ago and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that having root canals in the mouth leads to degenerative disease. His findings were ignored or buried by the powers that run the dental industry in the USA. Why? Because root canals are a very good source of income for dentists.  Read the attached article carefully to understand the implications. If you have root canals in your mouth, go to a holistic dentist to have these removed.

For a very good Holistic Dentist, I recommend Dr. Larry Franks –

2) Food: There is a saying that dates back to olden times; “You are what you eat.” Many times, I have witnessed people laughingly saying this while gorging down some seriously unhealthy food. I have found out it takes approximately 10 years for the body to finally break down from an onslaught of unhealthy eating habits. When this happens, the person appears very surprised that they are ill, as if the illness simply fell from heaven on top of them and that they are innocent of any responsibility. And unfortunately, medical doctors rarely bring any awareness of food and drink as having anything to do with illness.

Dr. Richard Schultz; How He Healed Himself

A very powerful true story is told by Dr. Richard Schultz about his early life. His parents both died in his arms due to heart failure while he was still a teenager. The doctor told him it was genetic and that he would have to undergo heart surgery if he was to avoid the same fate.

He was in the hospital waiting for the surgery. A patient who was scheduled for surgery just before Richard Schultz died on the operating table. Young Richard escaped secretly from the hospital before he was due to go under the knife. He found his way to a holistic healer who told him to go home and throw out anything in his kitchen that was made from animal products. He was shocked to find out that he had to throw away every food item in his kitchen.

The same holistic healer told him to begin juicing at least three times per day, to drink as much fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juice as he could and to eat only a vegan diet. Within a short time, he began feeling much better. A few months later he went for a check up on his heart and the ‘genetic heart disease’ had vanished, leaving no trace.

The Ostrich Syndrome

Countless so-called experts seriously and laboriously ponder over the many possible causes of cancer, or multiple sclerosis, heart disease and other terminal illnesses. The causes are right under their noses, but like the African ostrich, they bury their head in the sand, refusing to see them. This could have something to do with the sad state of affairs that the Junk food industry is so powerful as to deeply line the pockets of decision makers.

Educate Yourself Regarding Food

I am naming a few food items here, without going into details as to why they may dangerously impact your body. If you would like to know the why, please look at the documentaries list in this newsletter under the reviews section and slowly but surely, educate yourself with the facts by watching the videos I am recommending.

Refined white sugar and anything which contains it

Aspartame and other chemical sweeteners

Genetically modified foods

Gluten rich foods

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

White flour

White rice

All dairy products

All meat products including chicken, pork, or other.

Fish (danger of being contaminated by mercury)

Pesticide laden foods (whatever is not organically grown)

Rapeseed oil

Cooking oil (the only oils safe to cook with are Coconut oil and Ghee)


Fried food

Sodas of all kinds

Microwaved food

If, like Dr. Schultz, you find out that there is nothing left in your kitchen if you throw out these items, it is time to buy a juicer and lots of organic fruits and vegetables and begin your journey back to health and fitness.

3) Health and Longevity

These days, there are so many vegan recipes available, so many health food shops with lovely organic food, there is simply no excuse to go on eating in an unhealthy way. The common complaint is: “Organic food is too expensive.” And yet, if I go to a supermarket, I see people loading up their carts with an enormous amount of life-destroying so-called food items that they believe are essential. The same amount spent in a health food shop will bring much more joy and health to your body.

Recently at the end of my one-month Tantra Massage Training which included regular yoga and a healthy vegan diet, one of the participants who came with a middle age bulge, informed us that he had lost 9 kilos without any effort, just by participating in the training and eating the food we were served.

Our bodies are designed to seek out and live in joy and health. We are offered pleasure and joy through all of our senses. The more we can listen to the body, the more long lived and joyful we will be.

A Taoist saying is: “If someone dies before the age of 120 years he has died too early.”

An organic plant-based whole foods diet, exercise which brings breath and aliveness to your cells and following your bliss into your unique creative expression will all lead to a healthy happy life.

Do read my interview with Chef Made about vegan and raw food cuisine

4) Mind

Another place to clean up is your medicine cabinet.  Pharmaceuticals for the most part are simply a scam. I just watched a documentary recently comparing how Western ‘developed’ countries deal with mental illness and how indigenous cultures deal with it. The bottom line is, for developed countries, mental illness is a big business and pharmaceutical companies are raking in huge profits, continuously inventing new so-called diseases that have to be treated with this and that pill, all at the expense of your health and your bank balance.

We all hear the horrendous stories about school shootings in the USA. I read an article that had researched the background story of those young people who went on a rampage of violence. In every case, they were on anti-depressant medication. Basically, the medication would repress the anger in the person, and when the medication would wear off, a tsunami of violence and anger would engulf the young person. Combine this cocktail with a troubled home environment and Voila! you have a recipe for disaster.

In Indigenous cultures, mental illness is regarded in a very different way. Often, the shaman of the village will treat the entire family if one member is off balance. Or the person who would have been locked away in the West is recognised in an indigenous culture as having shamanic talents and will be apprenticed to a shaman in order to refine his or her unusual gifts.

One documentary on the subject follows a young man in his journey through the horrors of mental illness and its treatment by mainstream medicine. Finally, by going vegan and moving into emotional release work, gardening and meditation he is cured. The same documentary follows an African American woman who is treated as mentally ill in the USA but who is recognised as a potential shaman by an African woman and goes on to apprentice with her. This leads to her flowering into a powerful healer and medicine woman.

Other toxic mind-altering delusions include Television news and banal advertisements or mind-numbing TV shows. Negative news on TV or in newspapers and rag magazines will slowly program you to expect the worst out of life, altering you from an empathic and happy human into a paranoid and stressed human.

The ‘real world’ is not that toxic overload of frenzied hype we are exposed to on a daily basis in cities and through media of all kinds. The real world is a butterfly resting on your shoulder, a bee in a flower, the laugh of a child, the feeling of hugging a tree and the divinity of shared moments of ecstasy with another.

Meditation is one of the best ways to rediscover alignment with the  world of nature and universal harmony.

5) Emotions

In the highly organised human body system, emotions play the role like weather does in the eco system of our planetary body. Emotions keep a dynamic balance in the interconnectedness of body, mind and soul alignments.

Tears function like rain to thirsty earth. Changeability and fluctuation in emotions are like wind, clarifying the atmosphere of our body and mind. Anger is like fire, purifying stagnation leading to a more spontaneous way of being. Fear stirs the primordial waters of our deep subconscious opening the way into deeper trust in life. When we are stressed and ready to blow molten lava, like a volcano this is the moment to breathe, to expand and find out how to become vast enough to contain contradictions in life. When sweeping changes come to our life in unexpected ways, this is like an earthquake, bringing transformation and renewal.

If we repress our emotions, this leads to a dangerously stagnant eco system in the body/mind/soul. If stagnation continues for too long, and there is thus no dynamic balance, it would be like having a place in the world where there was never any weather. Such a place would be unable to support human life.

Of course, if we live our emotions in an unconscious way, this will lead to many imbalances in relations to self and others. It is important with emotions to express them in a way which is constructive rather than destructive. Osho’s many active meditations are a great way to do this.

Soul and Body Connection

We can only be happy and healthy to the extent that we are following our true soul calling. Everyone has come into this life with some special gift their soul is asking them to develop. This earth is after all, a school. We are here to learn valuable life lessons which we bring with us into this life. Those special lessons, once learned help us to evolve in love and consciousness.

In my role as meditator and session giver, I have done loads of past life work on myself and others. If we die with unlived, incomplete issues hanging around, this will move as a bundle into a new womb, and be integrated physically, emotionally and mentally into the individual who is being born.

Karmic issues find their template in ancestral patterns that match them energetically. If there is something bothering you about yourself or your family and ancestral patterns, chances are the roots of this will be found in your past lives. By cleaning up your past life issues through hypnosis regression or through Colour Light Therapy, you can radically transform your health and sense of well-being.

Your longings of what you would like to become are indicators of what is needed to bring wholeness to you and to heal your karma. For example, if someone has been a greedy person who takes advantage of others in one life, in the next they may feel a strong urge to be in service to others.

Or perhaps in one life they were in the army, killing people in mindless servitude to the war machine. In the next life they may feel a strong desire to put people back together, to be a surgeon saving lives, or a bodyworker, helping to heal people’s physical pain.

Existence has a way of guiding us into that direction which will bring maximum bliss. If we ignore the signals existence is giving to us, we end up very miserable indeed. For true health to flow within, it is essential to discover a balance of body, emotions, mind and soul.

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