Cacao Platana Cake – Recipe of the Month

Recently, I was in a forest Retreat Center devoted to sauna, near Vilnius in Lithuania. A group of friends gathered there to experience sauna rituals offered by a Sauna Master. She was definitely highly skilled and it was pure joy to go on the 3-day sauna journey with her.

Our host had also organized a vegan chef to cater for us. His food was simply incredible. Each meal was a masterpiece, a work of art. Sometimes we would just stand there and look at the food in awe. It looked too beautiful to eat! And the taste was sublime. Of course, we were always ravenous! Being in the wood – fired sauna, receiving whisking with fragrant branches full of leaves, followed by a dip in the ice – cold river does build up an appetite!  In those moments, to eat the food prepared by Chef Vytautas was simply ecstatic.

I asked Vytautas if he would share one of his recipes with subscribers to my newsletter and he agreed. You are now the lucky one, to have the opportunity to taste Vytautas’s amazing food by creating your own sublime cake with the recipe below.

Vytautas writes:

“I like to experiment a lot. This time I went into deep Lithuanian forests to cook for a private group. Tasty miracles happen when you follow your intuition and connection with food.”

The ingredients

To make a 7″ (24cm) diameter cake, you will need:

4 ripe bananas

3-4 tb.sp buckwheat flour

8-10 tb.sp grated coconut

3-4 tb.sp shelled hemp seeds

2 tb.sp grounded linen seeds

3-4 tb.sp coconut nectar

1 tb.sp chia seeds

1/2 t.sp sea salt

2 t.sp cinamon

1/2 t.sp grounded nutmeg

1/2 cup of dried cranberries (optional)

1 cup of almond milk (or any other of your favourites)

1-2 tb.sp coconut oil.

(tb – table spoon, t – tea spoon)

The process:

In one bowl mix all dry ingredients + 2 bananas sliced your way, while in another one mix coconut oil, two mashed bananas with milk.

Add the mix of dry ingredients to the wet bowl. Stir everything very well, if needed add more milk. Batter should be not too dry and not too wet.

Pour batter into prepared cake pan. Line a 7″ cake pan with parchment paper (bottom and side) or just spread some coconut oil onto cake pan.

Bake it in preheated oven 350 F or 180 C for around 35-40 min, until surface of cake is light brown.

(It’s super tasty when still warm and served with home-made blueberries vegan ice cream.)


“Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”



By the way: Vytautas is available to be invited to cater for your event or festival.

His contacts are:

Facebook: Vytautas Vaicaitis

My Lithuanian recipe group:




phone/whatsapp +37068618901

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