Ask Sarita: About Scarcity and Abundance

Question: Recently, after several Tantra groups I’ve started to feel two different inner states – scarcity and abundance.

I live most of the time in scarcity. It’s when I feel that generally resources are scarce – my energy, ideas, money, time, people’s attention – everything is limited and I need to compete and control these limited resources.

For example; when relating to my wife, I try to make her stronger, more decisive, etc. out of the idea that the world is scarce and we need to be strong to get a piece of safety. My attempts to make her stronger in reality drain her and bring her down / make her weaker because this also brings up the idea that she is not good enough.

Or when dealing with money – I am at times penny pinching and focus on being really even / rightful instead of giving a little extra to the people around – and I feel that this sort of steals the energy.

But at times I feel abundance and give, give, give – in almost all aspects I can share. I feel powerful in a good sense and I feel that my resources are limitless – and I am happy to share them endlessly. I see that this creates a positive cycle – people around me start to give back – to me and to others – and this creates a very pleasant experience of life. Ideas flow, and I see opportunities in life I don’t see when I am scarce.

I just feel that the abundance state is so good and so powerful, and yet, it is very fleeting. I lose it easily and cannot get back.
Do you have ideas what this comes from? What is the root of feeling abundant and scarce? I know the latter is related to fear, but I just can’t get deeper, to the root.

Answer: Scarcity comes from feelings that love is scarce, and is rooted in childhood, when we felt isolated, not cared for, not loved.

When love is flowing, we feel abundant. Love begins with self-love. The second step is loving another. The third step is loving the whole.

To unwind the lack of love, you can do any one of several techniques:

Family Constellation: 

Osho Mystic Rose (is offered in many centres around the world)

Colour Light Therapy (see details on the sessions part of my website)

Tachyon Vertical Reality (write to me about the next level 1 on the calendar)

Osho Mahamudra Meditation (order the CD through my website)

Breast Sucking Meditation (see my book Tantric Love for details about it)

The group Sacred Sexuality, happening in January in Thailand, can also be very helpful.

I hope these suggestions will help you to discover ever flowing abundance.



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