Ask Sarita – Two Questions on Meditation and Enlightened Beings

Question 1)Osho’s lectures run into the thousands. I am confused whether to follow the advices in each and every lecture? In every lecture there are always good points to practice and follow. But it is becoming too burdening to do so for me as a student. Can you please provide me a solution?”

Answer) Osho’s advice in regards to meditation is to choose one method which attracts you. Try it for three days. If after 3 days you still feel a resonance with this meditation, continue practicing it for 21 days. If after 21 days you still feel it is offering you benefits, continue it for 3 months.

In this way, you will be able to imbibe the nectar of the meditation method. Once it has done its work, you can let go of it, and choose a new meditation method which attracts you.

It is good to remember, Osho was speaking to thousands of people, each with their own unique path in life. By offering so many methods and so many discourses on a wide array of subjects, he was able to help transform so many diverse people from many diverse backgrounds. Just use your discernment to choose what method works for you at this time in your life.


Question 2)Where has Buddha or Ramana Maharshi gone? What is the exact meaning of dissolving into existence? Does that mean they are gone for ever? I heard that Babaji (Maha Avatar) appeared to many disciples. How this is possible? Also, it is said that Budhha comes to bless this world on Wesak day. Have those who attained to maha nirvana completely dissolved or can they be contacted?”

Answer) About your question whether Enlightened beings can be contacted after their Mahaparinirvana. Yes, they can be contacted. All vibrations which have been put out by an enlightened being remain in the ether as an ‘Akashic record’. When we meditate and align to the frequency of that particular enlightened being, we can be in contact with them and receive their blessings and wisdom.

In fact, it is very good for a seeker to be in contact and alignment with some enlightened being because this will help the seeker to stay aligned to the path of truth and not go astray. When we open ourselves up to spiritual development, we expand our awareness to include chakras, energy bodies and realms. Some realms are inhabited by beings who are beneficial to our growth and some realms have beings who may take us on a wild goose chase. If you consciously align your energy to an enlightened being, any entity not in tune with that Master will not be able to influence you or cling to you energetically.

After the physical death of Buddha, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi, Osho and other enlightened beings, many people have been able to feel the living presence of their Master and have been greatly benefitted on their spiritual path. Wikipedia says: Exceptional practitioners are held to realize a higher type of rainbow body without dying. Having completed the four visions before death, the individual focuses on the lights that surround the fingers. His or her physical body self-liberates into a nonmaterial body of light called (a Sambhogakaya) with the ability to exist and abide wherever and whenever as pointed by one’s compassion.”

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