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Does Tantra Massage Include a Happy Ending?

In the world at large there is a tremendous buzz about Tantra Massage. Most people tend to assume it is a normal massage with a ‘happy ending.’

Just the other day an Indian man told me he went to a spa in a resort to receive a massage. A lady gave him the massage and at the beginning asked him if he would like a happy ending. Being naïve, he said “Yes, of course I would like to feel happy at the end of my massage.” He was very shocked when at the end of the massage, she climbed on top of him and began rotating her pelvis on his. He asked her why she was doing that and she answered, “Because you requested it!”

After this experience he ‘googled’ the term ‘happy ending’ and this is how he stumbled on dubious information about Tantra. One thing led to another and he found himself at the Tantra Festival in Delhi. There, he got even more confused because he found radiant, ecstatic people from all over the world, hugging, practicing many diverse meditations, dancing, singing, but no “happy ending’ being offered.

He sat with me over lunch, wanting to be informed exactly what is Tantra and Tantra Massage. I had a good laugh about his story and then proceeded to fill him in on some facts about these subjects.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is basically a collection of many varied methods. These methods make use of mantra, mudra, ritual, the senses, emotions, kundalini, chakras, energy fields and the play of opposite polarities in the dance of life. By applying a witnessing consciousness to all aspects of our being, the inherent divinity of life is experienced. In Tantra it is said, “The macrocosm and microcosm are one.” Another saying is: “Sex and Samadhi are one.”

When two contradictions meet, in the centre of that meeting we will experience Godliness. Such experience leads us slowly but surely to the harmonious union of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, giving rise to genius and the merging with universal consciousness.

What is Authentic Tantra Massage?

Tantra Massage’ is one of the methodologies offered by Tantra for the merging of opposite polarities. Through massage, we are able to go into deep meditation. All mystics down the ages have been saying to be in the present moment. The best way to experience presence is through bodily sensations. The body is always in the present. Blood is flowing now. Breath is coming in or out, now. We are sleepy or awake, now. We feel pleasure or pain, now.

Our bodies can be experienced as a portal into this timeless moment.  When we are deeply dissolved into present moment awareness, mind stops, time stops and we enter eternity.

Orgasm is one of the most powerful ways of entering into present moment consciousness. However, in order for it to become a portal, it is necessary to enter into sex as a meditation, as is done in Tantra.

In a similar way, massage if practiced as a meditation, offers a portal into the eternity of this present moment. Not only that, massage offers the meeting of contradictions. In Tantra Massage, we unite yin and yang, sexual energy and spiritual energy, inner child and passionate adult, love and meditation. It catapults us into a unification of all that we are, which is a deeply healing experience.

Tantra Massage is Rooted in Meditation

In order for this to happen effectively, the practitioner of Tantra Massage needs to be an experienced Tantrika and deep meditator. It is for this reason that our Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training is offered in a one-month learning process. In the Training we cover four important methods; Taoist Tantra Massage / Kashmiri Tantra Massage / Lasya Tantra Massage and Inner Alchemy Massage.

Usually people who are thinking of learning Tantra Massage are focused on the stereotype of internal massage methods, such as prostate and Yoni massage. If we teach these methods directly (as many teachers do), I consider this to be an unethical way of teaching this.

Internal massage is deeply intimate and if a person learns this in a weekend or in a short group, the arena is set for abuse patterns to play out. The person receiving can easily be re-traumatised rather than healed. If the person learning to give Tantra Massage is not being steeped in Tantra practices, he or she will not be capable of holding space for the deep spiritual transformation which is possible through Tantra Massage.

In our training, we explore a wide range of Tantra and healing methods such as conscious touch, male /female differences when giving or receiving Tantra Massage / deconditioning methods / sexual anatomy / inner child work / esoteric work / full body orgasm / the phenomenon of the Tantric Circle between session giver and client / emotional release methods / karma release / many forms of touch and massage and harmonising yin and yang in both giver and receiver leading to the harmonious union of inner male-female aspects.

We do not teach internal work till the third week of our training. This helps to ensure an ethical standard being maintained by the session giver when offering Tantra Massage.

Debunking Myths in Regards to Tantra Massage

I have heard so many horror stories from the world of Tantra Massage and this is why I decided to offer a dedicated, ethical Tantra Massage Training …….as a counter-balance. I think people everywhere deserve to receive exquisite Tantra Massage which is safe, healing, and which offers transformational Tantra experiences.

I have heard how some people abuse women in the name of Tantra Massage, calling it ‘de-armouring.’ The yoni is very delicate. Rough, goal-oriented ways of touching are harmful. Some people advertise ‘squirting sessions’ which are basically designed to force a woman to release amrita, which they call ‘female ejaculation.’ This divine nectar should never be forced from a woman’s body. It flows naturally when she is in deep, ecstatic surrender.

Some practitioners teach prostate healing in a weekend group or even in a two-hour event in a festival. This can be deeply traumatising for a man. The anus needs to be approached with tender sensitivity, taking time, never forced. Trauma may reside in the deep interior of the yoni or anus, and the practitioner needs to be well trained to approach gently, to understand how to stay present in case of emotional release and how to integrate the powerful awakening of sexual energy with meditation and expanded spiritual states.

Integration through Tantra Massage

It is important to understand that Tantra Massage does not mean ‘Sexual Massage.’ It is a form of massage that includes genital touch within a two-hour full body massage session. However, this genital touch is offered without any goal. It is rather an integration of the whole being, body, mind, soul and spirit.

We may find ourselves floating in the womb of the universe or realising our body as made of stardust. We may discover that physical orgasm is but a pale reflection of cosmic orgasm. We may discover our inner child alive and well in the depths of our heart. We may finally let go of a long-held abuse pattern held in our body and mind. All of this and more is possible during a Tantra Massage. It expands us, bringing us into the very heart of love.

The Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training

If you feel called to become a practitioner of the sacred art of Tantra Massage, join us! One wonderful thing about this training is, you will give and receive these powerful massages, almost every day for a month. Receiving while learning is a big bonus!

This Training is taught by Sarita, Dharmaraj and Maria. It is suitable for couples as well as singles. Couples can work together if they so choose. Exchanging Tantra Massage is one of the best ways to enhance ecstasy in intimate relationships.

The Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training 26 Jan – 23 Feb, 2019 in Bali. Learn more HERE


Comment after a Tantra Mystic Massage Session with Maria

“I have become a different person after this experience. It has taken me much deeper into my relationship with my body, pleasures and emotions. There are really no words that can explain what happened and what I felt in this session. It almost felt like I was on drugs at certain points. The experience really opened up my heart, mind and body to what is possible through Tantra and I know there is no way of going back now to my old paradigm and understanding of the relationship between spirituality and sexuality.”

Comment after a Tantra Mystic Massage Session with Dharmaraj

“Never have I felt safer… Safer with a “stranger,” that knew exactly what I needed, even though I didn’t know what to expect. Dharmaraj took me from fear to trust, in a very professional context, in which I experienced a release of energy that I wasn’t aware I had in my body. A lot of emotions, tears and smiles, a session that I would define as being LIBERATING. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”




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