Meditation of the Month – A Silent Retreat for Lovers

Returning To The Garden

You can do this retreat with your Beloved for one day or for several days.

Be in a place with no disturbance, no phone, no computer, no TV, no radio. Make sure no one will be coming to disturb your peace by knocking on the door. You are to ingest only pure sattvic foods, no alcohol, no drugs, no plant medicines, no sugar, no cigarettes. You are to read no books and do no driving.

You will be in silence (no words) for the duration of the retreat.

Before beginning this retreat, make a schedule together as to what times you will be sitting in meditation, what times you will be walking in nature, what times you will be cooking and eating and what time you will be sleeping and waking. It is recommended to do at least six, 40-minute sittings per day. One or more of these can be in nature.

If doing this retreat for several days, such as 7 days, decide in advance who will be cooking. It is suggested, one cooks one day and the other partner the next day. Take turns serving each other in this way. 

The one who is cooking can do everything as part of their meditation, silently chopping vegetables, preparing the food, serving and washing dishes afterwards. Find ways to please your partner, perhaps by decorating the food in a special way or making their favourite treat. 

When sitting in meditation, sit next to each other. Become a witness of your body, mind and emotions. When eating, sit together. Eye gazing is fine, but no words and no hand gestures (as if you are trying to speak). Sleep together but don’t engage in sex. Simply witness any desire for sex. Allow the energy to build and just keep witnessing.

During your retreat, you will probably discover telepathy with each other. Many issues that had built up between you will arise and dissolve, evaporating back to source. A quality of innocence and grace will begin permeating your togetherness. You may discover a quality of ‘returning to the garden of Eden.’ This is such a beautiful way to renew yourself and renew your love.

When you come out of your silent retreat, it will be a new honeymoon, a feeling of walking on hallowed ground. Each touch, a miracle, each kiss a gift from existence.

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