Osho Quote – The New Dawn

“This unconsciousness can be broken only if the people whose life has become meditation, whose life has become a pure love, whose life has become a compassion, start waking up other sleeping people: “It is time – get ready. As the night becomes darker, the dawn is closer, but if you go on sleeping, dawn or no dawn, your night continues. Your eyes are closed, your darkness continues.”

Otherwise, a new dawn for the whole human race, a new innocence, a new childhood, a new satyuga – the age of truth – a new golden age is possible. But the positive people have to take the bold step of expressing themselves. They have not been doing that for the whole of history. They have enjoyed their experience, and they have thought their work was finished.

I want you to remember always:

When you have something to share, don’t stop there; share it. Humanity is in need, as it has never been in need, of people who can create new hope for a new dawn.”

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