New Release and Review – Goddess Essence Meditation CD

I am so proud and happy about my new baby! This is a one-hour meditation CD created and produced by me with original music by my genius friend Praful Mystik.  

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While teaching women’s groups and trainings, it became apparent that there is a great thirst waiting to be fulfilled for women everywhere, a thirst to awaken to our fullest potential as soon as possible. I encapsulated the essential transmission of the 4-part Goddess Essence Training into a one-hour meditation which can be done alone, together with a friend, or with a whole group of women. The result of this meditation is simply phenomenal. Women who practice it remember what our true feminine power and potential really is. We are attuned to the moon, the tides, seasons and cycles. We are attuned to each other. As more and more women practice this meditation the collective of the divine feminine in all her glory is unveiled. Practice it, share it, spread it, for the benefit of all women, for the benefit of this world, for the benefit of our children and all future generations. 

When planning a CD project for this meditation, only one name came to my mind who I would like to collaborate with for creating the music: Praful Mystic! He has the rare attributes of being a multi-talented master musician plus being a delightfully easy going warm hearted and mischievous man. His secret for being so open and light hearted may be because earlier in his life he made it to the top of a musical jazz career and from there, dropped out of that scene and created his own unique musical path. In his concerts, he may weave together classical Indian flute, jazz riffs on his sax, mantra singing, music for meditation and healing or wild dance beats. He continues to surprise and delight with each new album. 

I am simply ecstatic with the music Praful has created especially for the Goddess Essence Meditation CD. Each of the 10 tracks carries the nectar of that particular phase of the meditation. He meditated deeply over each phase and allowed the music to be conceived in the crucible of his sensitive awareness. I am sure each woman who experiences this meditation will adore the music!

The cover and booklet design for the CD was done by Praful’s wife, Vimal. It was really a joy to collaborate with Vimal. She is truly a light being, shimmering and shining with beauty and grace. She has captured the essence of the CD through her design imagery. How blessed I feel to have collaborated with these two amazing beings!

I am further blessed by the presence of the gorgeous women who grace the pages of the CD booklet. These women have participated in groups and trainings with me and have graciously allowed me to use their photos for this Goddess Essence Meditation CD. I am sure whoever sees the booklet will also feel the vibrancy of these Tantric Goddesses! They offer a positive transmission through their presence.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


Praful says:

I feel very honored to have had the chance to contribute to bringing the Goddess Essence Meditation to life by creating new, original music for this wonderful process. I have been a great lover and supporter of the Divine Feminine for as long as I can remember and have also worked with many powerful women.

Being invited as a man to empower women with my music, I felt the enormous trust from Sarita’s side – even though I knew she loves my music and uses it often in her groups and trainings. 

For this project, I had to imagine myself as a woman and sense what rhythms and sounds were needed to support each of the 10 stages. As I went into exploring the meditation and the possible music, it soon became clear that the musical style was going to be extremely diverse and eclectic. Stylistic consistency was not important, and I felt free to combine inspirations from everything from meditation music to wild dancing tracks in a way I would normally never (dare to) do on one album. 

Collaborating with Sarita was so easy and joyful and I always felt such loving trust – I am grateful that she (and some other radiant goddesses) were right with me in this process and gave me constant feedback (it’s not so easy to experience the expansion of your breast aura as a man – believe me, I’ve tried it!)

Birthing this album took much longer and went deeper than I had expected – it has received the same love and care as any of my own albums usually do, and so the final result feels like a ‘real’ Praful album, despite (or maybe because of) its diversity and specific purpose.

May this meditation help many women to get more in touch with their unique divine essence and empower them to live their truth. We need awakened, empowered, heart-centered women more than ever, for the sanity of human kind and our precious planet.


Hard copies of the new CD will be available shortly. Contact Supragya for more details at

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