Inner Light – Meditation of the Month

By Dr. Rajiv Parti (with Paul Perry) from his book: Dying to Wake Up

(Dr Parti learned this meditation from a Guru in an ashram in the Himalayas)

This meditation from Dr.Parti pre-supposes that each one of us has a source of light within that is aligned with universal consciousness. When we awaken to this light we ourselves have access to universal wisdom.

1) Sit cross legged on the floor and relax so much that you can feel the weight of your body increase and the tension leave your body.
2) Clear your mind and become fully receptive to the world around you, letting thoughts pass through your mind without letting them stick.
3) Select one issue in your life; then focus on that issue. Step back from it and consider it from a distance, as though it is someone else’s problem.
4) Close your eyes and ask what is it about this issue you would like to change.
5) While doing step 4, imagine total darkness and feel yourself completely absorbed in the issue you have come to examine. After several minutes, let the issue go.
6) Turn your attention to the deep darkness behind your eyelids. Let thoughts come and go without judgement or engagement for several minutes. If the light comes, it will come now. Focus on it.
7) You may have revelations through the light. Accept them, even if they are emotionally painful. Acknowledge the feelings you receive from the light.

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