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Question: “For the past year I tried my very best to create a presence as a Tantric Session Giver but have not been harvesting the fruits of my effort. 

I tried everything about “changing my frequency to abundance” and “manifesting my dream” for 1 year, staying positive.

But I am completely broke now and I have to go back to the mainstream to work, just to earn a little money, which I never imagined that I would have do again.

I did lots and lots of marketing efforts. I tried working extremely hard, and I tried not working hard to be in a feminine frequency. I tried collaborations with many different professionals to create synergy. I tried everything. I paid professionals to market my offerings. But, inquiries about my work have stopped. Also, I am exhausted in regards to the deep conditioning of people around sexuality.

People I meet are not interested in spirituality, just sex…. or are spiritual and are afraid of sexuality! I am tired of fighting. I am completely burned out! I am tired of blaming myself for not being successful. I heard so many times from others that I am attracting scarcity. I am tired of hearing that. I run out of energy to risk anything more.

Knowing many of your graduates are blossoming and flourishing in their healing and teaching offerings, I am thinking maybe you will have some valuable insights to share with me.

I want to have stability and security. My first chakra is threatened. I can’t find security or grounding.

I look forward to hearing from you.”

Answer: I feel for you.
I know how it is to live in poverty and also, how it is to come out of this downward spiral.

One thing very important to understand, which is something I learned from a millionaire; “For any business to succeed, it takes at least three years. And during those three years, when the business may be losing money, you have to believe in yourself and in your vision.” He said; “Many businesses fail because the people give up before three years,” i.e. they give up just before their business was going to flower.

When I began teaching in the West, I had 5 students to start with. For the first three years, I made no profit. But I knew from my core that what I had to offer is valuable. And then, after three years, I began making profit.

The key is, that whatever you are offering needs to come from overflow, not from need. Know, deeply from inside, that people need what you are offering; you do not need something from them. Once this is radiating from your core, you will become like a magnet and people will come towards you asking for sessions, even if you do no publicity!

I think it will be a revolution for you to participate in the Tantra Essence Teacher Training. Many things will shift inside you. Abundance will become as natural as breathing. With dedicated Tantra practice, streams of creativity begin flowing.

Another alternative you can consider is that you may like to be an organiser and invite interesting people to teach something in your country. Create a momentum, whereby you become known as someone who always has interesting happenings being offered. And then, sometimes, you can also offer sessions, classes or groups.

You are such a vibrant person. I believe in you! And it is only a matter of time before others will believe in you too! But first and foremost, believe in yourself!

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