Bhuta Shuddhi – Meditation of the Month

This is an ancient Tantra Yoga Technique. There are many ways of practicing it and in essence, it is a methodology for falling in tune with the elements both in the outer and inner world. The technique below, comes from Yoga Burn; they call it the ‘Yoga Burn Challenge.’ I have altered their interpretation of the placement of the 2nd and 3rd chakras as in my research into the chakra system, 2nd chakra is in the lower belly while 3rd chakra is in the center of the solar plexus.

(My alterations to the Yoga Burn Text are in italics.)

This method requires a profound dedication to ultimate transformation and certainly you will be benefitted in multi-dimensional ways by practicing it.

“Create a root lock by squeezing the anus muscles and pulling them upward. Allow your mind to reach the central point in the region of the root lock. While mentally repeating the sound hum, feel as though you are awakening the dormant kundalini shakti. Then mentally repeat lam, the bija (seed) mantra of the earth element, not less than sixteen times, while focusing your mind on the kundalini shakti that resides at the muladhara.

Next, visualize the kundalini awakening and traveling upward until it reaches the svadhishthana chakra, the abode of the water element, below the navel in the lower belly. There, visualize an ocean-blue circle with a white crescent moon in the center. The circle is surrounded by six petals. While you maintain this image, mentally repeat the bija mantra of the water element, vam, not less than sixteen times.

Now visualize the kundalini traveling upward toward the manipura chakra, the abode of fire in the solar plexus. Here, visualize a red triangle pointing upward. This triangle is enclosed in a circle of ten petals. Mentally repeat the bija mantra of the fire element, ram, not less than sixteen times.

Continue to move with the upward-traveling kundalini until you reach the anahata, the heart center, which is the abode of air. Here, visualize two smoky-gray triangles, one superimposed upon the other, encircled by a twelve-petaled lotus. In the center visualize jiva, the individual soul, in the form of a flame. At this stage mentally repeat the bija mantra of the air element, yam, not less than sixteen times.

Next, visualize the kundalini shakti, in which the individual consciousness has dissolved, traveling upward until it reaches the vishuddha chakra, the abode of ether at the base of the throat. There, a sky-blue circle is surrounded by a sixteen-petaled lotus. The presiding force of this chakra is contained in the bija mantra of the space (or ether) element, hum, which you mentally repeat not less than sixteen times.

Now visualize the upward-traveling kundalini shakti reaching the ajna chakra, the center between the eyebrows. This is the realm of mind. This chakra consists of a yellow triangle surrounded by a circle. A bright white flame is enclosed in the triangle. Outside the circle are two petals. Mentally repeat the mantra so hum.

Continue raising kundalini shakti to the crown chakra at the top (and above the top) of the head. At this center all colors, forms, and shapes dissolve, for this chakra is beyond the realm of mind and therefore beyond the realm of imagination. When you experience this center, it consists of countless rays of white light. However, it is most often visualized as a thousand-petaled lotus with a pinkish aura so that the mind can conceive of it. Here repeat the mantra hamsah.

Close the right nostril and inhale deeply through the left nostril while mentally repeating yam, the bija mantra of air, sixteen times. Then close both nostrils and retain the breath. While holding the breath, repeat yam sixty-four times. Then, while closing the left nostril, exhale slowly through the right nostril, repeating the mantra thirty-two times.

While inhaling during this cycle, visualize a smoky color in the left nostril. During retention, imagine that your whole heart region is filled with the air element, drying up all the toxins and impurities in the body.”

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