Lithuanian Food Magic – Special Interview with Vegan Chef

Recently, I found myself among treasured friends in a forest enclave in Lithuania with wood fired sauna and lovely river. As part of our holiday retreat, we had the amazing opportunity of being catered for by one of the world’s best vegan chefs, Vytautas Vaicaitis.

Emerging from hours of expertly guided sauna rituals, we would make our way to the terrace overlooking meadowland to find a marvellous magical feast awaiting! Many times, just by looking at the colourful food presentation, I would begin feeling as if I had taken a psychedelic drug. Everything looked so alive and vibrant!

Vytautas graciously agreed to allow me to interview him about his magic touch with food.

Question: Do you have a food philosophy?

Answer: When I started I had a vegetarian outlook, because I was vegetarian for 11 years. But gradually, I discovered that nature can provide us with all the life force energy we need. I began researching how our ancestors were eating, going back 10,000 years. I travel a lot and I access the wisdom regarding food from local cultures in various regions in the world. In general, I tune into the group I am preparing food for and even before they come, it becomes a co-creation, like an orchestra. I try to learn from people who are tuned into Hypocrites who said, “Let food be they medicine, let medicine be they food.”

I am inspired by people such as Medical Medium, the Dogen from Africa, or Dr. Sebi from Honduras. I have received a lot of influence from a chef from Argentina named Aire, who lives in Ibiza. She got cancer and healed herself through new food choices. I studied with her for 5 years. She influenced me to learn from chefs all over the world, particularly from indigenous cultures. We are one world, and my travels prove this to me.

Question: You mention about food being medicine. I have experienced this for myself and indeed, cured myself of a chronic physical problem simply through improving my food choices. Have you experienced using food as medicine for yourself?

Answer: Through my research I am discovering also how to heal myself from a skin condition I have had since birth. When you start digging deeper, there is so much knowledge available. With information there is a timing; it comes at the right time.

The Kitchen for me is a temple and the food preparation needs to be done from a sacred state of being. I go to farmers, pick vegetables or fruits myself and tune into the food before preparing it. These days, it is a luxury to find bio dynamic or organic food. We have to be vigilant in order to find it.

Food is like yoga, you may have various practices from various streams of yoga. And with food it is like that, we need to tune in and to use different spices or food preparation from various cultures, according to seasons, and to our own bodily needs.

Question: When we eat your food, we feel a magical alchemy, a transmission. We taste the love and the quality of the food combinations and we are uplifted into a different field of awareness. Colours appear brighter, we experience inner ecstasy and can feel your love and magical transmission of health-giving elements through the food. I sense your conscious intent in every aspect of it, such as how it is prepared, how it is served and how it looks.

Answer: What happens through the food preparation, I have a lot of love for people. When I cook the food, I take care of it like a baby. I use my intuition, I take care about each and every ingredient. I learn every day. The life flow becomes stronger and stronger. People who are sensitive feel this attention to detail. Higher consciousness (God / Goddess) then transmits what each person needs, Universal Intelligence knows what each person needs and this gets transmitted through the food. Unconditional love is my secret practice for all of life. I see amazing human beings each in their own inner universe. I respect all beings and wish to offer the best for each individual. Colour therapy is being experienced through the food, which benefits the whole body, including chakras and energy pathways in the body.

I was recently in Guatemala and Egypt, and I feel the inner change in me as I tune into these cultures. New doors are opening in me, more transformation on the way so next year when you come, you may find new and wonderful ways of experiencing food preparation!

I don’t commit to any trend or any religion. We are alone and connected to the universe. This is my guiding light. I can in this way, accept every person and every religion and every way of food preparation.

Question: Do you see devas around the plants when they are growing? Do you speak with them?

Answer: I am sensitive to all kinds of energies and even though I don’t see them, I feel them, higher energies that are all around us. I am a nature boy and have a special communication with the subtle energies in nature. As a boy, I felt the pain of trees or bushes when trimming them. I wished to learn how to get along with all beings. This taught me how to be sensitive to vegetables and fruits during food preparation. By combining different ingredients, we are using knowledge that has been here for thousands of years.
All information is here in the trees, in the earth, in the stones since thousands of years.

Question: Where are you going next?

Answer: I will go to the Dogen and learn deeper, about health and wellness through food.

In our blood line, we Lithuanians are pagans. Our ancestors knew how to worship and use fire, how to be in connection with the earth as a form of worship.

I have been told by a channel that I have access to past worlds. This can bring chaos as well as deeper insights.

Question: I experience your food as being very balanced nutritionally and yet very delicious. I sense in each of your meals my body receives optimal nutrition and yet, it is hard to stop eating, because it is sooo delicious! So many hidden flavours and textures!

Answer: I understand that food, even though it is a medicine, should also be delicious! I combine, fats, proteins, fibres, spices, natural sweeteners, pure salt, etc. Everything and everyone can live in pure harmony, body, mind and soul.

“Thank you Vytautas!”

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