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I am just beginning to teach Tantra and I find it’s not so easy to stabilize participants who experienced strong opening after my tantra workshops. Some of them are doing well after workshops, but it seems many can’t handle the after effects. 
One thing which still sticks to me is a comment I received while ago from a spiritual teacher. He said that many beginner meditators didn’t purify themselves enough, that wrong intentions or an unpurified part of them remained in them when strong opening happened during meditations.
He sees that many of them literally got possessed by evil spirit etc which entered in this empty space, created by this sudden opening. He says bad intentions or un-purified part of them invite those in, and he is seeing a real mess in the “spirituality” industry. According to him, a bunch of people who believe they are enlightened, or believe that they hear what gods or angels speak etc, in fact literally are possessed…
I didn’t pay much attention to what he said for a while, but I started to see some people who are in this kind of state. I started to be a bit worried if what I am offering in tantra now is ‘safe’ enough. 
I see many participants of my workshops need so much more emotional cleansing and lots more meditations. But they have no willingness to go through such strenuous meditation practices to work on themselves.
What is the safe design of my offering? In one workshop, and in a long term…? Should I filter participants?
With love and humility.

Your question is very interesting.
There are some important points in your question for every teacher and for every seeker on the path.

I will go into each subject:
There are quite a few people in the world who are hoping to achieve bliss without doing their homework, meaning without doing meditation, inner cleansing and transformation work. Such people may find themselves being very attracted by plant medicine. If plant medicine is done wisely, ie rarely (with a true shaman facilitating) and then time is taken to integrate the effects in the life, this can be a wonderful support for transformation.

However, I have noticed that all too often, a person will take plant medicine similarly to how they would take a recreational drug (like every weekend). This can lead to them blasting open spaces inside that they are not actually ready for and because they are not integrated, it is very possible that entities will enter them.

It can also happen that people practice forms of expanding consciousness which do not include emotional release and then when kundalini awakens all hell can break loose inside of themselves.

Or some people will do emotional release but do not practice meditation. This can lead to intense storms without a safe harbour.

Other people may practice various forms of ‘so called Tantra’ which is actually not Tantra but rather licentious sexuality, leading to a downward spiralling kundalini. This type of practice can easily open people to entities.

When someone begins moving on the path of personal development there are a few things that are very important to remember:
– To meditate: without meditation there is actually no hope of progressing on the path.
– To be aligned with a being of higher consciousness which could be, an Enlightened Master, or an Archangel, a God or Goddess. If an entity approaches you, say to this entity; “I am aligned with ______This is not your place. You can go.” The entity cannot cling onto you if you are truly aligned with Buddha, or Lao Tzu, or Osho or another enlightened being. This is one reason why Gurus are so important. The meaning of Guru is he or she who shines light into darkness.
– To have emotional fluidity. If we awaken kundalini but have no emotional fluidity we are asking for trouble!
– To go through deep deconditioning. When someone enters a spiritual path, they may take on a new belief system without having let go of the old one, I call it ‘putting sugar on shit.’ We see a lot of this in the New Age world.

So, when you begin teaching Tantra, you may receive a lot of people who fit into one or the other of these categories. There is homework to be done by them!

This takes us back to the multi gifts given by Osho through his meditation techniques. If someone actually does 21 days Dynamic Meditation for example, much crap will be cleaned and a fresh start will be activated. In fact, Osho’s meditations work on opening the 7 chakras, and this happens easily and naturally by practicing his meditation techniques as several different series.

This is one reason why, in my groups, I always begin with a meditation before breakfast, to help people understand the importance of making meditation your number one thought and action as you awaken. Through the early morning practice, people will feel reborn and the new day appears amazing!

Through doing various meditations during a workshop, they come to realise the importance of meditation and wish to continue this at home. If someone experiences inner ecstasy during a workshop, they will want more of the same and if you carefully explain that this can be a regular occurrence if they can do a series of Dynamic, or Kundalini or Chakra breathing, etc, then this will motivate them!

Slowly but surely, you will become a lighthouse in a stormy world. When you are anchored in meditation and love and nothing shakes your resolve of living as love, then you will become a transformative beacon of love for others. This is achieved by walking your talk.
Practice Tantra!
And overflow……

Perhaps this looks daunting. But just consider. You have only done part one of the Tantra Essence Teacher Training. And already you are having regular groups. That is a nice problem to have!

About filtering people, usually only the people who resonate with you will be attracted to your groups. This is a natural filtration system. But it really helps also to give them a questionnaire and liability form to fill out. This also acts as a filter. Then they will understand you are serious.

By the end of the Teacher Training you will have much more stability and knowledge of how to teach, how to hold space, and where the path is leading. This will give you confidence. And when you are confident people will have confidence in you.

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