Moola Mantra – Meditation of the Month

Chanting this mantra is an affirmation of the supreme intelligence of life. By chanting it for several minutes before bed or on waking, it will infuse your night with bliss and your day with an expansive experience of universal consciousness. Mantras offer us a science for manifesting our inner potential. The Sanskrit sounds are designed to expand consciousness. Try chanting this mantra as a meditation for at least one week and you may be astonished by the results.

Moola Mantra

Sat Chit Ananda para Brahma
Puroshothama param atma
Shri Bhagawati Sametha
Shri Bhagawate Namaha

Om – The soundless sound, essence of creation
Sat – Truth
Chit – Consciousness
Ananda – Bliss
Para Brahma – Supreme Creator
Puroshothama Avatar – Supreme Soul
Param atma – Supreme inner guide arising from the soul
Shri Bhagawati Sametha – Supreme mother earth or divine mother
Shri Bhagawate – The great father of creation
Namaha – In gratitude and salutations to universal energy

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