New Man for the new Millennium – Osho Quote

The youth of the whole world is ready to change all old structures and make every change that helps humanity to become free.

Freedom is such a spiritual necessity that without it man never attains his manhood. Liberation from dead superstitions, ideologies, dogmas is such a great necessity that once you are free of it you will feel as if you have got wings and you can fly into the sky.

The load of the past is too heavy and it is killing everybody. As far as I am concerned, I see it as a great opportunity. People change only when they come to the very brink of death; otherwise they don’t change. The politicians of the whole world, the theologians of the whole world, the religious leaders — all have brought you to the brink of death.

Now the question is, either be ready to commit a global suicide or change the whole structure that has dominated you up to now. And changes are needed:
There should be no nations.
There should be no religions.
There should be no race distinctions.
There should be no color distinctions.
There should be no political parties.

Nations can exist only as utilitarian units; otherwise everybody is a member of the whole earth. Governments can exist only as functional units, and they should be ruled not by politicians but by people of merit.
We have enough people of merit all around the world; there is no reason to be pessimistic. Perhaps at this moment we have more intelligence in the world than we ever had before. This is not the time to be pessimistic, this is the time to rejoice.

So this is my message to the people: Rejoice, and destroy all stupidities that have been dominating you up to now.

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