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OK, we all know the world is in a really terrible mess. The whole world is in mourning over the wild fires which have been spiralling out of control all over the planet. Siberia, the Amazon, Africa, California, Greece, Spain, it seems that every day we hear about some new wildfire somewhere. And if it is not wild fires, there are torrential floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes in other places in the world.

We know that many species of life are becoming extinct. We experience global warming and climate change as a fact. And we hear that many of the catastrophes happening are due to human behaviour, choices and stupidity. Indeed, many political leaders and corporations all over the world appear to be doing their very best to destroy ecology and human health in a race to own more, dominate more, and exploit more of the planet’s finite resources.

We already have the technology available to usher in a new age devoted to sustainability. And yet, due to vested interests, these technologies are not being developed fast enough or with enough resources devoted to making them widespread. It is certainly time to say NO to destructive directions for life on earth. It is time to say YES to life affirmative directions.

Osho says:One single seed can make the whole earth green. A single Buddha can make the whole world afire with a new consciousness and a new humanity. You are the very hope of the world, which is in great despair, in great anguish. It is not only a question of your own individuality, becoming a Buddha. It is a question of saving this whole planet. This planet can be saved only by people who understand that every living thing is divine.

I offer here, reflections, which will help humanity move forward in a positive direction.

India Carries A Blueprint For An Awakened World

Mother India carries many secrets and many gifts since thousands of years, which can help us now in our time of crisis. With our current thirst to transform human direction, from destructive to life affirming, we can apply our spiritual and intellectual intelligence to decode these secrets, kept as an oral and sacred tradition to be unveiled at a time like this.

Sciences developed in India thousands of years ago help to point us in the right direction:

Vastu works with a person’s astrological birth chart and their dwelling place to help the dwelling place optimize the potential of the individual or family living there. In other words, you can literally shift any negative karma or negative tendencies through sacred architecture and interior design! This is a science which uses mantra and yantra as well as cosmological and psychological understanding. It is actually more advanced than the science of today’s world. The same science, if used for sacred buildings such as temples, can help to uplift and transform an entire society.

Ayurveda works with physical, mental and emotional health and acts as a preventative form of medicine. By following Ayurvedic principles, the whole society can live primarily healthy, happy lives. And if someone becomes ill, for whatever reason, Ayurveda has cures which deal with the cause and eradicate it, thus inviting wellness to emerge from within.

Ayurveda also has great wisdom to offer in regards to eating. Each individual is diagnosed according to their temperament and is then prescribed a particular kind of diet which helps them to attain optimal balance for their body type. In Ayurveda, food is honoured as medicine.
Hypocrites, the father of Western medicine, is known to have said; “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” As this is an ancient Ayurveda saying, obviously he was in contact with Ayurvedic medicine.

In Ayurveda There Are 8 Branches Of Healing:

  • Conception / pregnancy and birth as well as after care of mother and child.
  • Digestive processes
  • Blood and lymph
  • Mental, emotional and nerve issues including spiritual alignment
  • Sexuality, libido and aphrodisiacs
  • Longevity
  • Bones and skeletal structure
  • Helping all organs to function at their best

Tantra Offers Methods Of Transformation

Tantra helps individuals reach to the experience and understanding that each cell of the body contains the whole universe. Each Tantra meditation offers a portal into expanded states of consciousness. By following Tantra, we awaken our potential for genius and inner ecstasy.

This happens through exploring the senses, chakras, kundalini, elements, emotions, creative pursuits, sexuality and all spiritual states with a combination of meditation, love and awareness.

Cosmological Understanding

Indian philosophy weaves together higher mathematics and quantum physics with spiritual insights, and offers this in an easy to understand language of heart-based metaphors. Within this system, both male and female world views are honoured. The Gods and Goddesses of Indian culture are designed to awaken various forms of awareness within us, leading to a vast cosmological understanding.

Evolutionary Wisdom Offered Through Mantra, Mudra And Yantra

To attain to highest wisdom, devices have been created by sages of the past, who also must have been truly great scientists.

They encoded precise recipes for attainment to exalted states of consciousness through the application of:

  • Mantra (magical incantations, awakening various potentials within)
  • Mudra (particular gestures which bring about a shift in consciousness)
  • Yantra (sacred geometry forms depicted through painting or created with coloured powders, or through a certain formation of persons in a consciousness raising ritual)

Yoga Is A Profound Gateway To Samadhi (spiritual awakening)

Yoga uses the body, breath, movement and inner journeying (Yoga Nidra) to tap into vast potential within. Many people believe it is simply a series of exercises. However, through these exercise forms, the person performing them will automatically expand their consciousness.
Perhaps out of fear of losing followers, the Greek Orthodox church issued a statement by the synod: “Yoga is a fundamental part of the Hindu religion and is by no standards a form of exercise. For this reason, yoga is totally incompatible with our Christian Orthodox faith and it has no place in the life of Christians.

As yoga is becoming more and more popular everywhere, we can understand that the world wishes to leave behind outdated and constrictive forms of religion and awaken new levels of spiritual awareness.

Meditation = Witnessing

Nowadays we hear a lot about ‘mindfulness’, which is in actual fact a ‘safe word’ for describing meditation. There are many varied interpretations of meditation, but in essence it is witnessing our inner and outer reality as a detached observer. By engaging with meditation, we gradually tune our physical, mental and emotional instrument to the cosmic pulse. This brings deep inner peace and equanimity.

Meditation has been around as long as Indian history and probably is much more ancient than that. Sages long ago found out that if we wish to maximise our consciousness, meditation holds the master key. Buddha has given a great gift to the world in that he defined meditation very precisely and indeed, his whole spiritual path is founded on the practice of meditation.

Tantra is also based on the practice of many varied forms of meditation, bringing meditation into all aspects of life. (Vipassana, the principal meditation taught by Buddha originates from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.)

Meditation belongs to no religion, but to any human being who would like to expand their consciousness. India, being the known birthplace of meditation has given a great treasure to the world.

Yugas: Another insight offered to the world coming from Indian visionary understanding is that of ‘Yugas’ or Aeons that the world passes through. Each Yuga is described as being like a table with a certain number of legs.

Sat Yuga: (The age of truth) The table stands on four legs. People live in a world devoted to love, honesty and kindness. In the Sat Yuga there is no crime, no disease and all beings live a blessed and long life. There is no need of any religion because people already live in tune with source.

Treta Yuga: The table stands on only three legs. The world becomes divided as emperors seek to conquer and expand their territories. Mining, labour, agriculture and ownership come into being. Religions spring up and exert their power.

Dvarpara Yuga: The table stands only on two legs. People suffer from diseases and there are more frequent wars. Individuals and society experience inner and outer division.

Kali Yuga: This is the final Yuga, before a new cycle of life begins. It is the age of chaos and destruction. People become liars and hypocrites. Religion unravels completely. The lifespan of people diminishes. The environment is polluted and food becomes scarce. Wars are almost constant. Thieves and murderers are in power and openly flaunt their devious ways, but no one rebels.

This chaos is utilised by intelligent people to spiritually awaken. There is nothing to lose, and seeing this, courageous individuals crack open to their original essence. As they awaken their potential, it becomes an inspiration for others and finally an exponential awakening happens, globally.

We Are Currently In The Sunset Of The Kali Yuga

While interpretations on the length of the Yugas differ, it is agreed by several scholars that we are entering the eye of the storm within the Kali Yuga. This is why we see some people busy raping and pillaging mother earth and her resources, seemingly hell bent on creating suffering and an extinction of humanity and many other species. Simultaneous to this, we experience an ever-growing movement towards sustainability, holistic healing, meditation, Tantra and honouring the earth.

It is truly a weird scenario, as opposite world views lock horns. I look at it in a similar way to the end of winter, when storms rage, as if the winter is in a battle to maintain supremacy before finally, surrendering to the inevitable spring.

Preparing For The Sat Yuga

The Sat Yuga is that inevitable spring. And yet, we cannot remain complacent, thinking, ‘What will come will come.’ In any Kali Yuga the complete annihilation of our world is a very real threat, and never more so than now. To give birth to a new world based on truth, Godliness and beauty, we need to raise our consciousness and our capacity to love.

Tantra is the phoenix rising, helping usher in the Sat Yuga.

A prediction from Kaula Tantra (an Indian Scripture) says:

There is a Brotherhood of Tantrics waiting to be brought to life. This brotherhood will awaken as the end of the Kali Age approaches.

Recognizing the potent female principle of life, the brotherhood of Tantra will transform this polluted world. Then, at the ecstatic moment when one age transforms into the next, those faithful followers of the selfless path will reach their goal.

A Prediction about the Kali Yuga from Padma Sambhava

1000 years ago, the great Tantra Master Padma Sambhava predicted the Kali Yuga. (He is considered to be the second Buddha in Tibet.)

There is no relief from ever increasing egoism.
Corrupt and selfish people become leaders.
New, and incurable diseases manifest.
Iron birds rule the skies.
Clothing fashions change frequently.
Butchers and murderers rule countries.
Priests and spiritual leaders become robbers.
Yogis become traders and shopkeepers.
Imposters claim psychic powers.
Sacred traditions are forgotten.
Every person must carry a weapon.
Rains are out of season.
Earthquakes, fires, tornadoes and floods wreak havoc.
Communal unity is lost.

Greta Thunberg says in her call to action: “We Can’t Save the World by Playing by the Rules Because the Rules Have to Change. The politics that’s needed to prevent the climate catastrophe—it doesn’t exist today. 
We need to change the system.

In order to change the system, we need to transform from the inside out. Whatever has been programmed in us that is not in service of mother earth, love and expanded consciousness, needs to go through a profound metamorphosis. Like butterflies, we need to shed our cocoon of complacency and spread our wings in the new dawn of consciousness. The Sat Yuga is waiting for us. As we awaken in greater and greater numbers, we will usher in a new dawn for humanity and for all life on earth.

Shams of Tabriz (the Master of Rumi) says: “The universe is a complete unique entity. Everything and everyone is bound together with some invisible strings. Do not break anyone’s heart; do not look down on weaker than you. One’s sorrow at the other side of the world can make the entire world suffer; one’s happiness can make the entire world smile.

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