What is my purpose? – Ask Sarita

Question:Since the beginning of my life I am looking for reaching the “light”. It’s what I could see when I was a child. Now I know that reaching the light may be called ‘Becoming Enlightened’. I am wondering if it is the goal of life? I am feeling a bit lost with lack of interest in life… I feel some changes but still I feel lost. I don’t know what I am doing…what is my purpose? I feel I need something to grab onto.
You gave me a clue; to awaken my heart. I will follow that, but if I could understand better the purpose of life, maybe it will be easier to feel that I am moving towards something.

Answer: The purpose of life is to become enlightened and to bring this enlightened consciousness into every cell of the body, into the density of matter, transforming the material body / material world into its greatest potential of divine awareness, divine love.

The path to enlightened consciousness is different for men or for women. This is why it is important if you are in a woman’s body to do women’s work. Realise your path unfolding before you effortlessly, in tune with your biology and being.

It is good to contemplate this quote from Osho.
Orgasm is your greatest source of finding God, harmony, truth, the universal unity of all life. If you can be one with one woman, one man, you have the secret key in your hands. You can be one with the whole universe, with the whole cosmos.

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