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Question: I have often heard you say that we are on a journey in life to “become love itself.” I would like to understand this statement better. I find it confusing. How can I become love itself? Love seems to be fleeting, something that happens sometimes, a feeling just like other feelings such as joy, sorrow, anger, fear, etc. To “become love” implies that it becomes a fixed state of being and I am thinking that everything in life is in flux.

Answer: This is an important question. The nature of love has been and is much misunderstood. Through years of sitting at Osho’s feet listening to him and absorbing his wisdom, coupled with meditation, I began having many glimpses of what he was talking about through my own lived experience. Sometimes, many years after Osho had spoken about some subject, I would have an AHA! Moment, of finally ‘getting’ what he had indicated. 

The subject of love is fundamental to everything else in life. Through years of meditation I have discovered that love is actually the stuff the universe is made of. I always remember Osho saying, “To ask where love is, is like the fish in the sea asking where is the water.”

Physicists are now saying that we human beings are made of stardust. If we explore into the most- tiny particles of matter we find the same material as stars. If this is so on a physical level, it is also certainly true on a metaphysical level, that we are made of the same stuff as the subtle and yet all powerful intelligence which creates all of life. And if we go deeper and deeper into this powerful quality of divine intelligence, there is nothing there but love. It may sound corny, because our ideas of love have been diverted into a pale reflection of what love is, in reality.  We tend to think of it only as an emotion.

When we meditate, and dive deeper and deeper into our unique reality, we find the whole universe within. We discover that this universe is made of love. In fact, we are conceived in love. We are born into love. We live in a sea of love. And we die into love. As we begin recognising this, we discover that love is the ocean in which we live and we are in actual fact made of the stuff called love. It is our very nature. All else is illusion.

Even one glimpse of this in deep meditation transforms our attitude to life forever. We become receptive to let love into our life in so many ways. We transform our lifestyle to allow more space for love to be expressed through us. We begin the process of remembering our true nature. 

So, the phrase, “become love itself” is a reminder, a wake-up call, leading you eventually back to your source of being, love.

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