Menopause and Women’s Vitality – Ask Sarita

Question: I am approaching menopause and I have great concern about this transition. I see examples around me that it seems to be a very challenging transition and I am afraid about what may happen to my libido, to my health and so on. 

I know you have already made this transition and you appear so radiant and happy. Please share your secrets about how to enter into this phase of life gracefully?

Answer: Firstly, I would like to say, menopause is not a disease! It is a natural and important transition into a new way of being. With menopause we are being asked by our biology to review our life and find out if we have been living according to our soul calling? If not, then there may be some upheaval and chaos as we soul search and find the correct life path for ourselves. 

Physically, this transition can be felt as a relief. You will no more be at the beck and call of your hormonal fluctuations. Your hormonal state will return to its default condition, as you were just before puberty. I like to think of this quality of being like champagne bubbles. Our sensitivity becomes heightened and we are able to feel orgasmic with very simple touch or even with a breeze caressing our skin. The sensitivity and sensuality are more spread out over the whole body rather than being focused primarily at the genital area.

With menopause, it is also important to pay more attention to our physical wellbeing. We need to eat healthy, to exercise wisely, and to do activities which bring a lot of pleasure. If you do not have a lover, practice self-pleasuring regularly and use a Tachyonized pleasure product such as a Tachyonized yoni egg or a Tachyonized pleasure wand. Receive massage and go dancing. Find a hobby that awakens your passion for life.

In case you lose juiciness in your yoni, take 1/2 teaspoon of organic evening primrose oil daily. This will bring lubrication, easily and naturally.

I highly recommend doing an Ayurvedic Pancha Karma on a regular basis, maybe once yearly or once every two years. This will highly rejuvenate your body.

In case you experience hot flushes, go to a qualified Chinese medicine doctor and receive acupuncture and herbs. I did this and my hot flushes disappeared, never to return. 

If you have a lover, practice Tantra with him. As libido decreases to its default level, it is important to find ways and means of awaking your pleasure potential and inner ecstasy through Tantra meditation.

Overall, you will be entering the phase of the wise woman, who contains all the previous phases of life. You become a full rainbow, an inspiration for the younger generation. You may find yourself drawn to meditation, to gardening, to healing or to awakening your clairvoyant potential. These are all-natural expressions for the wise woman phase of life.

And by the way, just to set your mind at ease, according to studies done by Masters and Johnson, a woman can continue having multiple orgasms into her 90’s and beyond. Elder women can still be fully juicy and some women report having even better sex after menopause. The only reason a woman may have difficulty expressing her sexuality is if she cannot find a man to celebrate this with. 

Men also go through a hormonal transition, which we could call ‘manopause.’ His testosterone levels decrease, and he accesses a more feminine style of relating and being. Some men lose their ability to have erections on a regular basis. If a man wishes to maintain his ability to enjoy ecstatic sex into his old age, he really needs to practice Tantra and learn conservation of semen practices. If he has been addicted to porn during his adult life, it may be very difficult for him to maintain libido as he gets older. He also needs to take care of his health in an intelligent way. 

For any transition in life, what helps the most is a steady practice of meditation. This maintains equilibrium no matter what is going on.

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