Sarita Interviews Herbalist and and Founder Of The Source Detox, Ivor Fitzpatrick

Recently I did an 8 days orange juice fasting retreat with ‘The Source’ in Koh Samui, Thailand. I was so impressed with this experience that I asked Ivor, the founder of The Source for an interview in order to share the good news about this form of detox.

Sarita) Ivor, you are from Ireland and yet here you are in Koh Samui, Thailand offering a marvellous, easy and effective form of detox. Can you share with me something about your journey in life? How did you come to be here running ‘The Source?’

Ivor) My story with detox goes back over 12 years ago when I first started looking into my own health. I was eating bad foods, drinking too much alcohol and I became fat, (82 kilos.) I looked in the mirror one day and decided, “This is not me; that’s enough! No more!” I began researching into health. To cut a long story short, I did the colonics program at a local spa resort, which in those days was just a few huts on the beach. It was the standard program to do, so I did it for 10 days. While I lost weight on the program, it wasn’t comfortable; in fact, it was unpleasant to do! I wanted to understand the whole process of this thing called ‘colonics.’ I researched the origin of it. It took quite some time to do that. I came to understand that this way of cleansing the body has some flaws. It is the standard worldwide; spas all over the world are offering colonics as a viable wellness program, but it is not the best there can be. 

I put the Source program together with the consultation of my business partner (who used to be one of my teachers). He is a master herbalist. I set it up to make these gifts of nature available to people.

Sarita) The detox retreat you have designed is unique in all the world. Instead of using colonics or enemas during the retreat we are given a combination of scientifically proven, tried and tested western herbal remedies plus a fresh orange juice fast designed by a renowned Doctor. How did you come up with this combination?

Ivor) When we are sick we imagine to go to the doctor. But where do we go for health and vitality? We can go back to the source, to nature. It is safe; it is natural; it works. I trust nature and life. I wanted to make it simple for myself. I wanted something natural, simple and effective; no strange chemical substances, no weird ingredients. I did this program on myself first, to check its ease and effectiveness. Through my detox program I dropped down to my natural weight of 62 kilos and it was basically effortless (previously I was 82 kilos). I did not lose energy during the fast and indeed could continue working as usual. I have seen it is effective for myself and others. I would not ever want to use a product that doesn’t work. 

With The Source program we have a win-win. I offer products that actually work and you give money as an exchange. Simple! In the world today, there is so much unfair exchange; the seller gives you a product that is ineffective and you pay a premium! 

Sarita) Yes, it is true.Today we have to be health detectives to keep our body well-functioning, reading all labels and researching the many possibilities of poisonous additives or genetically modified ingredients!

Ivor) Yes, today the health industry is a bit of a maze.

There are many products that are not working like they should. The real stuff works for everybody! Physiologically, we humans are all the same more or less. So, if something is a good product it will work for everyone.

Sarita) This is interesting. Please tell the background?  

Ivor) A long time ago in the medical system they would give you enema as standard practice. This uses less water than a colonic. The person could be saved from severe, even life-threatening problems this way. Then, at some point someone decided to use much larger amounts of water. Dr Max Gerson, who was treating cancer patients developed this. He also put coffee into the colonic to cleanse the liver. 

However, the drawback to this method is, you wash out the good as well as the bad bacteria. This system became increasingly popular also because people realised they could lose weight with it. From there it spread. Now it is standard practice in wellness centres and even in spas all over the world! 

Fundamentally, anytime you do detox, you must have something that keeps the elimination system moving. That is the number 1 rule.

What we use are sophisticated herbal formulas that perform this task of keeping the bowels moving and this has a much better effect on the intestines and colon than using merely water. The herbal formulas make sure the elimination system functions as it should each day. And it’s also repairing the intestines and colon. The formula works on the whole system while colonics only works on the colon. 

Sarita) So where do these herbal formulations come from?

Ivor) The herbal formulas we make are the original formulations of the western medical herbal system dating back to Germany during the 1950’s. German scientists researched the herbs and found essential ways the herbal formulas should be made according to times of year, etc. They discovered which parts of the tree should be used and which times of year these should be taken from the tree to be effective.

Our master herbalist makes these formulas in Ireland. The herbs are grown organically and are wild crafted too. A few herbs are rare and hard to find, so these have to be sourced from some other countries to complete the formulas. We have tinctures, syrups and powders. The syrup is made with tree syrups and the tinctured herbs are then added into this. 

They have a special ability to arm the bloodstream and empower it to use these herbs for detox and elimination of pathogens and bad bacteria throughout the body. 

Sarita) I have noticed with this fast that we don’t lose energy. Can you say why this is? It is very different from other programs.

Ivor) The herbs and juices are very good nutrition for the body as well as being detoxifying. The person can detox and continue normal daily functioning as well. This is quite unique.

Some people may think if they don’t feel low in energy, that the detox is not working. However, this is not correct. In actual fact, you can detox very effectively and still maintain good energy each day.

Sarita) I am surprised that we can fast using fresh orange juice. It is delicious, provides energy and is easy! How was this fasting method developed and by whom?

Ivor) Well, this is actually a long story! I will tell you the short version here. The fresh orange juice fast comes from Dr William Hay M.D. who
was a surgeon back in the 1900’s and was considered one of North America’s most successful doctors.

He had Bright’s disease and went about looking for a cure as he was deteriorating in his health. He came across an old medical protocol that involved fasting on fresh orange juice only. He cured himself using this method and then decided that he didn’t want to continue cutting up people on the operating table when the fresh orange juice fast appeared to work instead.

He then opened his clinic in New York and cured thousands of people of all kinds of diseases.

His fresh orange juice fast along with advising people on a better diet was a very successful cure. This was acknowledged by Harvard and Yale.

Sarita) Oh my God! This is an amazing story which is not widely known but should be! Why is this knowledge not being used everywhere today?

Ivor) Well, many good old health programs get lost or forgotten about over time.

Sarita) I have read a lot about sugar and the difference between processed sugar which is very dangerous for the body and naturally occurring sugar which is beneficial, such as that found in fruits. I know the body survives on naturally occurring glucose created inside the body through our ingestion of certain foods. But I can’t help wondering if it may be that by ingesting orange juice every two hours during the fast we could be creating an overdose of fruit sugar. Can you explain further how this consumption of orange juice functions chemically in the body and why it is actually beneficial rather than harmful?  

Ivor) White processed sugar or similar processed sweeteners are not good for the body because they are not natural substances. The tree fruits are a naturally occurring sugar which the body assimilates and then transforms  into glucose. This is then transformed into Glycogyn and from there into Glycol. This is stored in the liver. When we take in fresh orange juice as the basic fasting liquid, we are being supplied with our natural fuel. It cleanses acid waste out of the body and cleans the blood stream too.

Dr Hay observed that the body was cleansing the blood because of the orange juice. The blood does all the work in the body of killing pathogens and parasites and repairing and restoring the organs too, so this was a very significant thing to do for the health of the patient. 

Fresh orange juice also removes the acid waste from the body. You can see this by using pH paper to test the urine each morning.

Sarita) During my fast, you also gave me alchemical tonics to take made with fresh vegetal and fruit ingredients. Can you say something about these delicious tonics?

Ivor) Yes, we use these natural tonic drinks as part of the program in order to achieve even more benefits for certain body organs. 

They combine using natural chemistry to perform unique cleansing and rebuilding functions for the liver, small intestines and colon. This is in addition to using the herbal formulas and the juice fast so it is another aspect that we put into the program.

Sarita) Is this why the program is good for either losing weight or for gaining weight, depending on what is needed? 

Ivor) Yes, when the body is healthy, the body’s own intelligence knows what the correct weight should be.  

Sarita) And what about someone who really doesn’t wish to fast? Is it possible to still do this program? 

Ivor) If someone prefers to do a raw food program instead of fasting this is also possible. 

Sarita) I am fascinated by the food management advice you are offering as well. Can you share more about this please? I understand this advice is based on ancient health protocols coming from India, China and Mongolia? 

Ivor) The ancients had gathered knowledge about the sun cycles. They formulated an approach to health and healing which advises us to eat according to the sun cycles and the rhythms of mother nature. I had a teacher who was highly knowledgeable about physics and chemistry coming from these ancient healing modalities.

All life is timed to the sun and the moon. By synchronizing with nature’s timing system, we can find our way to health and wellness. The organs operate differently at different times of day and the body as a whole responds differently in different seasons. This means certain foods are best eaten at certain times.

In the morning, 7—9am (stomach time) a breakfast of fruits and nuts is best. 

Lunch time, 1—3pm (liver time) eat salads, bread, seeds, lentils, beans, and vegetables that are not root vegetables. If you are a person who eats meat, this is the best time of day to do so.

The afternoon is good for greens such as spirulina or chlorella.

Dinner time, 7—9pm (stomach) is a good time to eat root vegetables, potatoes, carrots, beets, radish, turnip or any root vegetables. Also good at this time are, dragon fruit / maca, ginger, turmeric. Pineapple juice is also best taken at this time. Also, if someone is into eating fish, dinner is the best time for this.

Sarita) I am delighted to have this information and to be able to share it! Thank you so much for this interview! Can I ask one more question?

Do you recommend any best style of food preparation?

Ivor) In terms of cooked food, baking is better than steaming or boiling. It is easier absorbed by the body because it converts the food from ‘starch’ to ‘sugar’. For example, a baked potato is superior to a steamed potato.

Sarita) Ha ha! Because you are Irish I was wondering when the subject of potato would come into the conversation! I can’t wait to complete my fast and have a baked potato!

Ivor)Yes, and if you have this with olive oil, butter or ghee you will be having a superior meal. Olive oil can be used at any time of day and is simply one of the best fats you can offer to the body. When we have the right kind of vegetable fats it actually helps us to lose weight. 

Sarita) Ivor, you are truly a font of beneficial knowledge and wisdom. Thank you so much!

For more information: You can order these herbs to be shipped from Ireland or Koh Samui,Thailandand follow the program at home with skype consultations. Or you can come for a guided detox, in Koh Samui.

The Source Herbal Detox Centre
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