Silent Sitting – Meditation of the Month

The art of meditation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in life. It is good to remember that the temple of Tantra has two main pillars, one is meditation and the other is love. By cultivating meditation, we will then be able to apply this same witnessing consciousness to anything in life. When we are able to do this, we will experience a revelation, that everything in life is divine. 

Follow these guidelines from Osho as you enter into silent meditation, sitting with straight spine in a comfortable position. A good amount of time for silent sitting is minimum 20 minutes and even better, 40 minutes.

“Become silent. Close your eyes.
No movement, as if you are just a stone statue.
Now, go in … deeper and deeper.
Fearlessly, penetrate like an arrow, to the very center of your being …

Remember that you are only a watcher.
You are neither the body nor the mind,
but only a mirror reflecting,
without any judgment,
a pure reflection of the moon in the lake.”


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