The Game Changers – Film Review

This is a 2018 documentary, available on Netflix, which follows the story of James Wilks, a top athlete. In order to cure himself quickly from an injury he adopts a vegan diet. His decision is based on a huge amount of research into the subject of nutrition. 

Following his seemingly miraculous cure, he goes on to interview other top vegan athletes, including the strongest man in the world (Patrick Baboumian), to find out more about the benefits of a vegan diet. Also featured is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dotsie Bausch.

One aspect of this film which will be very interesting to all men is the experiment that was done about men’s sexuality with subjects adopting vegan or meat diets and measuring their quantity and quality of erections.

The vegan men exhibited a much better libido than meat eaters. 

A study was done with firefighters. By adopting a vegan diet, their health reached unprecedented levels.

Athletes the world over are adopting a vegan diet and finding that it really brings their athletic abilities to a new level, or endurance, energy, stamina and ability to win. This of course brings a positive message about veganism to people everywhere.

One little known fact is that the gladiators of ancient Rome ate a primarily vegan diet. Their diet consisted of lentils and millet for the most part. The reasoning behind this is all explained in the film.

This documentary will change forever how you understand the subject of what gives energy and strength to the body, busting many myths along the way. Watch it and you may find the inspiration you need to ‘go vegan.’

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