Loving Is Receiving – Meditation Of The Month

This Partner Meditation was created by Dhyan Maneesh, a French Devotee of Osho, who is a clairvoyant healer. 

He explains:“A fountain needs to be filled with water before it overflows. And, so it is, with love. If we have never experienced being filled by love, how can we overflow? Love is omnipresent in the universe, always showering. All we need to do is open ourselves to receive it. Once we are full of love then it will overflow without any effort.” 

Forget about giving love. Learn to be receptive to the lovethat is omnipresent in the universe. Let go of Judaic / Christian conditioning that says ‘Give love’! How can a person who has never received enough think of giving? It would be like a dried-up fountain trying to overflow! The more you learn to be receptive, the more you will be able to overflow with love, without any effort. 

It is very common that conditioning about love follows a scenario as follows: Children need to receive love in order to grow into loving adults. However, in many cases, the parents are not capable of loving their children enough. A child before the age of 7 believes that whatever happens in life revolves around them. They will thus think, “If I am not receiving the love I need, it is because something is wrong with me. I am unworthy to receive love.” This thought form will become a program which goes into the subconscious and rules the person from underneath. 

When this person grows up, it is highly possible that love will come towards them, in various ways, and they will literally push that love away. They may find some excuse such as, “This person is not right for me in this way or that way. Therefore, I cannot receive this love.” But deep down, it is their feeling of unworthiness that is driving their response. As we open to love, we need to melt our unworthiness, break down the protection that has built up around the heart and open to receive love.

The Method

Partners sit opposite each other with enough distance to hold arms out lengthwise. 

1. Opening to Love / Receiving Love (10 minutes) 

Close your eyes and rhythmically open your arms with each in-breath, to the love which is omni-present in the universe. 

Bring hands to the heart chakra with the out-breath, and receive love deep into your heart and whole body. 

2. Receiving Love as you look into your partner’s eyes (10 minutes)

Open eyes, continue arm movements and go on receiving love directly from the universe as you look into your partner’s eyes.

3. Sitting in Yab Yum (10 minutes) 

 Come slowly together in Yab Yum Position and both partners continue receiving love directly from the universe. As you continue this practice, eventually without any effort, love will simply begin overflowing. You may find that you become love itself.

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