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At the time of writing, which is simultaneously a time of chaos in the world at large, I find myself on the beautiful, open hearted island of Bali with my Beloved Fiancé Miguel, enjoying a honeymoon vibe. The surrounding is peaceful and the lifestyle focuses on the sacred as the foundation for a life well lived.

Balancing Good and Evil

Each ending of the old year and beginning of the New Year (which is held in March in Bali) the Balinese people work with creating balance with the energies of good and evil. As the old year is coming to an end they have a ceremony called Nyepi, the day of silence. Before Nyepi, each village prepares a huge demonic entity using papier mache and this entity absorbs all the evil which may be stirring in the world. Before Nyepi, these creatures are paraded through the streets with music and dance. After Nyepi, (24 hours where shops, restaurants and airports are closed and everyone in the whole country remains in silence) the demonic entities are burned ceremoniously, thus banishing evil from the island of Bali for one year.

I find this ceremony inspired by genius, especially if you consider the fact that the people who create these amazingly artistic demonic creatures are the teenagers of each village. They work for months on creating them, and as they do so, adolescent perturbances are poured as a creative outlet into the demonic entities, which they know from the very beginning will be burned. This gives a powerful message and catharsis for young people, helping them to move through inner turmoil in a very creative and fun way. Nyepi invites us to acknowledge evil, to give it a harmless and contained outlet, and to choose love as the direction for ourselves and for the whole community.

Life offers us two choices – Love or Fear

When we are in fear, we forget to love. Fear takes over all operating systems in the body through the release of the drug adrenaline. When we are in a state of love, this becomes all-encompassing and fear no longer affects us.

If we are identified with fear, it leads to a lower rung of the ladder going into a downward spiral of protection, closure, numbing and desensitising.

If we are in a state of love it opens into expansion, ascension, empathy, compassion and joy.

Power Based Manipulation

Since time immemorial, power hungry despots and so-called religious leaders have been using divisive and fear-based ideologies to keep populations ensnared and dependent. It is unfortunately all too easy to spread fear in people, leading to mass hysteria and panic. Then, the mask of compassion appears on the faces of these leaders, as they reshuffle societies to be in service of greed-based policies, of avarice that serves the few and enslaves the majority.

It is indeed unfortunate that we humans fall for this trick over and over again! We are easy to manipulate! What is happening in the world now with the onset of the Coronavirus is no exception. The news changes daily, keeping everyone on edge and jittery. Countries are closing borders, millions are being held in quarantine and panic buying up of all food supplies is becoming the norm throughout the world.

This story becomes stranger than fiction if we contemplate the fact that a book called ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz was published in the 1980’s, which outlines the exact scenario we are experiencing in today’s world. Here is a quote from the book:

In around 2020, a severe pneumonia like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again 10 years later and then disappear completely.

—-They call the stuff wuhan 400 because it was developed at their RDNR labs outside of the city of Wuhan and it was the 400th viable strain of man-made microorganism created at that research center.

Reading this passage, we can only wonder if the ‘powers that be’ read this book and copied this idea with a manipulative strategy or whether the author had inside information about a plan hatched decades ago. Perhaps we will never know the answer to this, but in any case, it should make us all sit up and take notice!

We Have A Choice

Being faced with chaos, we do have choices. We can go on automatic pilot and follow the herd of sheep into the trap being prepared for us or we can take another path which makes the wolves in sheep’s clothing completely destabilised; we can choose love! We can choose joy!

Those who manipulate through fear do not know love or joy. These are alien qualities to them. If we wish to live outside the cage, the path is love. In the dimension of love, those who would create a fear-based world have no power.

Love, openness, affection, celebration, compassion, empathy, are all attributes which will set us free from the matrix. The matrix is after all an illusion, created to control us.

True Fulfilment

Some persons reading this may wonder how such sentiments can be expressed in the face of people suffering from the very real symptoms of a terrifying virus which can literally kill people. Yes, it is true that our lives are at risk with this virus. And yes, it is true that death can come in many forms and it is never sure moment to moment when death may come to any individual. Death is a fact of life. While we are alive, the most sensible choice for anyone is to celebrate life and open to love for it is this that will bring true fulfilment.

Dance, Enjoy, Celebrate and Meditate!

Through loving and meditating we create a balance of yin and yang within. Meditation brings awareness and an expansion of consciousness arising from yang, while love gives birth to joy, empathy and compassion arising from yin. When there is a balance of yang and yin we will find ourselves in a divine world.

One of the best ways to open to Meditation, love and celebration is through our Tantra Essence Festival, held in Corfu, Greece, 21–27 June 2020, which includes a special Mahavidya Mantra Concert with Amiya, on the Summer Solstice. The theme of the festival for 2020 is ‘Esoteric Tantra’. We are offering wisdom teachings from great Tantra Masters who have existed in the past and experiencing the fruits of this wisdom in the present, through methods that exalt their teachings.

Included in this international festival are world class Tantra Teachers, renowned musicians Praful and Amiya offering concerts and more – Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Active Meditations, delicious vegan cuisine and beach time to hang out with festival friends and swim in the crystal clear, refreshing sea.

There is a song from the world of Osho that says:
“It’s high time to dance
It’s high time to dance
So, wake up and dance!”

Join Us In The Dance Of Life!

The Tantra Essence Global presence is changing the world for the better, one retreat at a time. The word namaste means, ‘I bow down to the divine within you.’ By bowing down to the divine within ourselves and with those people we meet, we will begin recognising divinity in all of life and with this comes the urge to celebrate this divinity in all ways possible.

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