How Can I Nurture Love In a Stressful World – Ask Sarita

Question:How can I nurture love in a stressful world where we are inundated with bad news on a daily basis?
Answer: This answer provides a method of meditation. By practicing this meditation you will be living the answer to your question.

Love is the reality in this world. All else is illusion. Keep remembering to come back to the reality of love.

Look into the eyes of people you meet and while doing so, see their soul shining from their eyes. It doesn’t matter what they are saying, just keep looking into their soul. See this person as already awake and in a state of love. Look into a mirror at your own eyes and do the same practice.

Embrace a tree and feel the soul of the tree. Allow the tree to bond deeply with your soul. Feel the connection between you and the tree. Remember, without trees, you and everyone else will be dead. Feel ever deepening gratitude to all trees.

Embrace a human who you are intimate with and allow yourself to feel the soul of this person,
beyond the persona and beyond gender. Melt into love which is omni present in the universe.

Drink water, slowly, feeling an internal mantra, of love and gratitude. Send this mantra into the water and simultaneously into all waters of the earth. Water is life.

Enjoy the feeling of the warm sun kissing your skin. Receive the sunlight as you would receive a lover. The sun is offering life force energy to you every day. Appreciate it and feel reverence for the presence of the sun in your life.

Lay down on the earth and allow the earth to cradle you in embrace. Melt into Mother Earth and enjoy the scent of earth, the feeling of being supported by her. Breathe and remember each breath being made of gratitude, to life, to being nurtured and supported by the abundance of Mother Earth.

There are so many opportunities each day to love and to be loved.
Move towards these opportunities. Love wisely. Live in abundance of spirit. Be grateful for all the gifts showered on you by existence. As you tune your antennae to love, more love will shower on you. This is a law of life.

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