Osho’s Enlightenment Day Tribute

On 21st March, 1953, Osho became enlightened under a molshree tree in Jabalpur. He describes his enlightenment in a powerful discourse, offering us a glimpse into the inner workings of how consciousness expansion happens. His discourse offers so many insights that anyone who is interested in enlightenment will be benefitted by reading this discourse.

You can listen to his discourse here.

Osho’s anguished search ended the moment he became enlightened and his compassion flowered. From that moment, his every breath was devoted to the spiritual awakening of all beings. During the first phase of his enlightenment, he was in a passive state of being, allowing existence to carry him, similar to how a log floats in a river. This is called a Tamas state, or inertia. In the second phase of his enlightenment, Osho opened into a new and fiery phase of his work, called a Rajas state of being. He began travelling the length and breadth of India, offering discourses and participating in debates. This phase continued for 15 years till he settled in Pune, India and began the third phase of his work, the Satvik phase. Sat means truth and this phase is characterised by abiding in truth and serenity. In each phase of his work, Osho continued evolving and expanding his capacity for expressing the mysteries of the beyond, through words, methods and devices. He also offered a silent transmission beyond all words and concepts, a Buddhafield of powerful spiritual energy in which many people could be transformed.

In all that Osho offered to us, he remained always in a state of Sat, Chit, Anand, truth, consciousness and bliss. He was a living example of the Enlightened state of being. I feel forever grateful to this incredible genius of the inner world and for the myriad ways I was, and am, able to be transformed through him.

Though he never claimed to be a man of miracles, I experience his continued presence in multiple dimensional realities, to be a miracle. His spiritual presence continues to inspire, shock and transform millions of people. His books and videos are alive with his presence as are his genius methods of meditation. By tuning to these, we feel his being eternally alive.

My gratitude is in every heartbeat.

An excerpt from Osho’s discourse on his enlightenment:

God is a universal thing. Once you come out of your private dreams, it is there. It has been always there. Once your eyes are clear, a sudden illumination—suddenly you are overflooded with beauty, grandeur and grace. That is the goal, that is the destiny.
Let me repeat. Without effort you will never reach it, with effort nobody has ever reached it. You will need great effort, and only then there comes a moment when effort becomes futile. But it becomes futile only when you have come to the very peak of it, never before it. When you have come to the very pinnacle of your effort—all that you can do you have done—then suddenly there is no need to do anything anymore. You drop the effort.
But nobody can drop it in the middle, it can be dropped only at the extreme end. So, go to the extreme end if you want to drop it. Hence, I go on insisting: make as much effort as you can, put your whole energy and total heart in it, so that one day you can see—now effort is not going to lead me anywhere. And that day it will not be you who will drop the effort, it drops on its own accord. And when it drops on its own accord, meditation happens.
Meditation is not a result of your efforts, meditation is a happening. When your efforts drop, suddenly meditation is there…the benediction of it, the blessedness of it, the glory of it. It is there like a presence…luminous, surrounding you and surrounding everything. It fills the whole earth and the whole sky.

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