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What Is Truth?

As we face the global pandemic situation, simultaneously we come face to face with where we are standing, in ourselves, in our community, in our country and in the world. Each person needs to search their own heart and soul and find out, “What resonates as truth for me?” I highly recommend when asking such an important question to yourself that you stand barefoot on the earth and allow yourself to really feel your connection to earth, water, sun, and sky. Only then will you be able to discover your authentic answer. This is because we are an integral part of nature.

Time Travel: Baby Care

Let us go a little bit backwards in time for a reality check, helping us to gain clarity. It was not so long ago (1950’s and 60’s), that the so-called health industry was recommending  women not to breastfeed their babies, but rather to use baby formula (with refined sugar in it, of course). Women were dutifully following these guidelines to the detriment of their babies. Later on, it was discovered that breast milk has properties within it which boost the immune system of the baby, leading to better health in the long term. The process of bonding between mother and child also has numerous beneficial effects.

Let us travel a little bit further back in time to the 1940’s. Women were taught to feed their babies on a strict schedule and to encourage the baby to poo on a schedule as well. This meant that if the baby was crying, the mother was instructed not to cuddle the baby but just to let it cry alone in its crib. This was thought to build morale and make the baby into a future ‘good citizen’ and if this person was a boy, into a ‘good soldier.’

I had a client who followed these instructions with her baby. She told me how it ripped her apart to hear her baby crying and to ignore it. But she thought the Male authorities in her society knew better than her instinctive inner knowing as a mother. One fateful evening, the baby was crying and then suddenly stopped. She went to see what had happened and found her baby dead. She never forgave herself.

I asked her one simple question: “Did your baby receive a vaccine shortly before he died?” She had never considered this previously, and after thinking for a moment, she replied, “Yes, now I remember! He did receive a vaccine the day before. After that, he was restless and crying a lot.” It was both a relief and a devastation for her to realise that it was not so much her negligence, as a possible vaccine related death being the cause of the untimely demise of her precious baby. She said, “They told me that some babies have a cot death for no apparent reason.” I informed her that since vaccination for new-borns has been on the rise, the incidence of ‘cot death’ has risen exponentially.

Time Travel: Masturbation

Now let us travel further back in time, to the 1920’s. I once read a book published in the 1920’s that was given out in every school. The book was warning about the dangers of masturbation. The book said that boys who masturbated would go deaf and they also risked going mad. It advised that if the urge to masturbate arose, to go take a very cold shower and to think of other things.

One of my friends was raised in a small village in the Swiss Alps. As a teenager he went to confession in the Catholic Church and told the priest he had committed the ‘sin’ of masturbation. The priest told him that as a punishment, he had to sweep the courtyard of the church daily for a week. (Great way to get free labour!) As the boy was sweeping and contemplating his ‘sin’ passers-by were laughing at him. Later he found out that everybody knew that only masturbators were given the job of sweeping the church courtyard. This event traumatised him around his natural sexual urges.

Time Travel: Fashion

Now let us travel further back in time; to the 1800s. In those days a woman was thought to be beautiful if she corseted herself so tightly that she was able to have a ‘wasp waist.’ This was a waist small enough to fit between the two clasped hands of a man. The result of this bizzare practice was that women’s vital organs were squeezed tightly and could no longer perform their life sustaining function appropriately. Women used to faint regularly and even die because of the ‘fashionable’ corset.

Time Travel: Hygiene

One of the heights of folly in our human history was during the Middle Ages with the bubonic plague. I read a book on the history of the bubonic plague. In it, the author describes the lifestyle of those days. People used to live with straw covering the floor. Dogs and other animals lived in the houses and when people ate, they would simply toss bones or other food stuffs onto the straw on the floor to be eaten by dogs or rats. In the night, babies had to be bound to a board and the board hung up on a hook on the wall to prevent the babies from being eaten by rats.

The straw on the floor would be kept for the winter and cleaned in the spring. Spring cleaning meant, to empty out the stables and also the straw from the floor of houses. Of course, everyone was covered in fleas from the rats and the plague spread like a wildfire through the fleas.

Time Travel: Inquisition

Also, in the Middle Ages was the phenomenon of the inquisition, where ‘witches’ were burned all over Europe. The meaning of the word witch is wise woman. The witches were the village healers, midwives and clairvoyants. Every village had at least one. Of course, the church didn’t like the competition and so found it advantageous to burn them.

Through all of these various tragic absurdities in Western history, people must have had some kind of gut feeling that they are being fed a pack of lies or that there is something just under their nose that they knew intuitively was wrong. And yet, because of the status quo, they felt they had to go along with outrageous edicts by the powers that be.

Fast Forward

Nowadays we pride ourselves on our freedoms of thought, expression and movement. If we look closely, how free are we really? Do you believe what you read in the newspaper, magazines and see on television? The people who own these media outlets may be dictating what is permitted to be said in them. And if we believe what is offered through media, blindly, it is highly likely that we are brainwashed.

When I was a child, my father did not allow a TV in our family home. He said, “Television is an idiot box. If you watch it you will turn into an idiot.” He also said: “Don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper. Always take it with a grain of salt.” This advice has served me very well. Even though we are told we are free and we are told there is freedom of speech and of expression, it is becoming increasingly apparent this is not the case. Peaceful demonstrations are met with tear gas wielding police. Facebook deletes posts which question the conventional party line. Media follow obvious biases in favour of a party line message. We are in fact being told in so many ways, what to think, what to say and how to act.

Just imagine if you move forward in time and look back to our current society. What will be our legacy? What will those people who will be our descendants think of us?

To me, even though we are full of modes of communication through technological advancements, it looks like we are rapidly sliding into a new dark ages, full of misinformation, stupidity and tyranny. What is amazing, is that people go along with edicts which are obviously meant to harm. I imagine that this is what happened during the time of Hitler. I have often asked myself, “How could people have fallen so gullibly for such a leader as Hitler?” Now we see a worse scenario playing out before us and we too are complacently allowing corrupt rulers and multinational conglomerates to herd us like sheep into smaller and smaller enclosures, mentally and physically. The way to achieve this is quite simple; make the herd of sheep feel fear and then they seek for safety.

If I imagine moving forward in time and then looking back to the present day, I see a culture hell bent on poisoning itself in every possible way. Just as the ancient Romans poisoned themselves by drinking from lead goblets, we are poisoning ourselves in so many ways as to make it almost unbelievable that we are still surviving! Pesticides, genetically modified foods, electromagnetic fields, mercury in teeth or in vaccines, microwaves, 5G technologies, chemical cocktails in the form of pharmaceuticals, foods, drinks, chemtrails and chemically laden beauty products, and the list goes on!

Tuning to Nature Within And Without

If we wish to live in a culture which will offer us fulfilment both inner and outer, and that we will proud to be remembered by, we need to take a quantum leap away from whatever destroys nature. We are after all, part and parcel of nature. Therefore, we need to abide by nature’s laws. Instead of developing technologies which aim to overpower nature, we need to rather study nature and copy it. Victor Schauberger was a great inventor specialising in creating life enhancing energy-technologies by copying nature. His inventions were bought and buried by a multinational company and he died of a broken heart to see his life work thus destroyed. However, there is a wonderful book by Callum Coates called Living Energies about Schauberger’s life story, which details many of his life-positive inventions. It is still not too late to follow his wise indications as a way forward for humanity.

Be A Black Sheep

Nowadays when we are being bombarded by a tremendous amount of misinformation and disinformation, we need to really tune in and find out what is the inner voice of our heart and soul whispering to us? The black sheep is known to be more clever than white sheep. It stands apart from the flock and intuitively knows if there is a threat to its life or the life of the flock. It tries to signal to the other sheep, but usually, because they are so security oriented, they follow what others are doing and ignore the black sheep. At our present time, the buzz-word to dismiss the black sheep is ‘conspiracy theory.’ (This term was originally coined by the CIA to discredit those pursuing the truth behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.)

In today’s world, we need many clever ‘black sheep’ to break us out of the herd of sheep mentality. I always remember Osho saying to shift the direction of the world, we need 200 Enlightened people. These 200 enlightened people can be the instigators for a global shift from a death-oriented lifestyle to a life positive attitude in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Saying No To Insanity

I sense that if we do not wake up now, today! millions will go mad and or die from the current and future abuses being foisted on us by insane leaders and multinational corporations. 5G is one such abuse. I pray we will collectively say no to living in a matrix made of death rays being aimed at us day and night! Another abuse is forced vaccines and microchips. Hopefully, we will collectively say no! to offering up our uniquely human life, exchanging it for a robotic life in the hands of evil puppeteers.

A Positive Way Forward

As the Siberian Mystic Anastasia advises in the many books devoted to her vision, the way forward for humans is to embrace nature, through the creation of a series of farm and garden communities, devoted to the miracle of life and the abundance of beauty, love and empathy that is possible in this world. I hope this will happen sooner rather than later!

Awakening to Paradise Here Now

Perhaps we have become immune to beauty because we are told again and again by mainstream religions that paradise is after death. And yet, anyone with even half a brain can see that paradise is here, in the song of the bird, in the shimmer of the rainbow, in the glory of the sunrise and in the magnificence of nature all around us.

When your child smiles, this smile is aligned with God. When you make love in ecstatic union with your beloved, this is God in action, the creation principle moving through you. When you crunch on an apple and feel the juice trickling down your chin, this is the juice of paradise!

I hope we as a human culture don’t have to move into complete devastation before the truth of our potential dawns on us! I pray the collective consciousness can shift here and now into an alignment with nature. When we do, it will be a marvellous day! On that day, we will at last be proud of the legacy we will be leaving to our children and our children’s children.

Solving the Pandemic

At the time of writing there are at least three tried and tested cures for the Corona Virus.

  1. After a clinical study, France has officially accepted Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin (normally used to treat malaria) as a cure.
  2. It has been found that homeopathy is an effective cure.
  3. A clinical study in Belgium is underway which uses among other things, essential oils as a cure.

My friend who is a brilliant homeopath in the U.K. has reported to me that she has treated 30 people who had Covid 19 with homeopathy and all have recovered.

An excerpt of an article by Dr.Rajan Sankaran says:

Homeopathic History

Homeopathy was 98% successful in treating the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918. Dr. T. A. McCann, from Dayton, Ohio, reported that 24,000 cases of flu treated with allopathic  methods had a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05%. 

Homeopathy in 2020

We hear from colleagues all over the world of the success of homeopathy in Covid19 cases. From the USA Dr Paul Herscu reports that he has treated 168 cases purely with homeopathy with no one needing hospitalisation and no fatalities. 

Dr Massimo Mangialavori from Italy reports the treatment of 90 cases with similar results. Many other similar results are coming in”.

Radiant Health vs Stupidity

However, the mainstream medical discourse is predominantly focusing on a vaccine as the answer, with vaccines being made mandatory to everyone in the world (lining whose pockets??) I have a friend who is a top doctor who says it takes two years minimum to develop a bonafide vaccine. This means, whatever is being tried now has not been tested. Do you really wish for your body to be used for experimentation of a vaccine?

It is really bizarre that mainstream medicine does not talk about ways and means of boosting the immune system, with Vitamin D (sunshine) being at the top of the list. In fact, while spring flowers are blooming and sun is shining, people are being forced to stay indoors and some countries are offering fines if people take a walk in nature. How in the world would one ‘catch a virus’ by walking in nature far away from other people? This scenario simply doesn’t make any sense.

There is no talk in mainstream medicine about eating healthy organic food and drinking pure living water as ways of counteracting viruses. It really does appear that the agenda of a few corrupt people is being adopted worldwide by governments in order to destroy lives, livelihoods and bring down the entire world paradigm. We see alarming signs that they may wish to make a shift to a sinister direction of a top down herding style of dictatorship where people are branded with microchips and made to follow like sheep.

Healthy Immune Systems = A Healthy World

The health of our immune systems leads to a healthy society. Change begins from within. Take care of your health today and see a healthy tomorrow for our society. Avoid and ban all GMOs. Avoid and ban all pesticides. Avoid and ban toxic microwave energies and 5G installations! Avoid and ban poison laden so-called medicines. Avoid and ban mercury fillings and root canals in the teeth. Avoid and ban plastics made from fossil fuels! Avoid and ban fossil fuels! Avoid and ban all brainwashing media devices! As Osho used to say, “Life, love and laughter” are the way to go.

We still have a choice. Now is the time to act on it. Now is the time to come back to our humanity, our empathy and our love. Now is the time to awaken our consciousness and discover paradise here, now.

During Quarantine….

I have been in communication with students and friends around the world about how they are living and experiencing life in quarantine. The time in isolation can be a living nightmare or it can be a time of inner reflection, inspiration and positive transformation. Here below are some emails I have received on this subject which I trust will offer inspiration to you.

 Letter From A Quarantined Student 

I am in the fifth week inside the house and there are still at least two more weeks to go. I am in an apartment with my partner and this has been a good journey so far on a personal level. Even though there seems to be a lot of chaos around, I am somehow feeling relaxed and mostly in my center.

 I have been feeling very motivated since our last Tantra Essence group. I kept doing 21 day processes and meditations one after the other. I also did two weeks of the full body orgasm meditation and have been feeling a big expansion since.When the lockdown started I was grateful to have even more time to myself so started doing even more practices and meditations, listening to Osho, and really focusing on awakening more of my orgasmic potential, which is actually happening. I feel my body is so alive!

 I am now also doing your Goddess Essence Training online and I am absolutely loving it. I am feeling very connected to you and receiving your love, softness and wisdom through the videos. I am so grateful to you, Sarita.

I asked members of the Tantra Essence Kaula Team to tell me how they are experiencing this time of crisis in the world. These are two very touching emails I received, revealing how our attitudes shape our life experiences.

Letter from Jonathan:

I have to be honest and say that I have been having a beautiful time. Whilst there is much unnecessary chaos and hysteria around, I have been taking the time to go within and spend time with loved ones, taking time to communicate and share in a way that I don’t always do. I am also using this period to eat well and to start the day with a nourishing spiritual and physical practice.

This situation reinforces my belief that we are surrounded by contrasting things: opportunities and threats, beauty and ugliness, good and bad, etc and it is up to us to choose where to focus our attention. So as doors to income close, others open; as I’m less active outside, I have more space of self-development. Less direct contact with friends but more with family.

So, as long as it takes, I will enjoy every beautiful moment”. 




Letter from Ranjana:

I am in my “Being”, feeling the power of being in presence, something inside of me is glad because the chaotic status quo stopped. Of course, I am aware of the implications and manipulations behind the news. Nevertheless, I am enjoying this space in my cosy studio in Barcelona; practicing Osho Meditations, eating healthy food ( chlorella, spirulina, Vitamin C, D, iron and a lot of fruits and vegetables),doing exercise, reading,  connecting with friends through social media, but no so much. What I enjoy the most is the silence outside and inside.

Last week, I offered 7 days online cycle of Osho Kundalini Meditation, there were 55 participants from all over the world. Due to time zone, each one was doing the meditation in his/her house at different times, but we share experiences through writing in my Osho Meditation Group. I am now thinking to offer Osho No Mind Process. I have run this many times in the Osho Resort in Pune, so I feel more than ever Osho Active Meditation Processes are needed.

My workshops were postponed, we don´t know when the frontiers will be opened. I just trust. I am grateful for life. I love nature and here in Barcelona we are allowed to go to buy food, and, of course, throw away rubbish and because  I live three blocks from the beach, I usually go to the local market walking along The Avenue beside the sea.

with love




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