Q1) Forgiveness; Q2) Sexual Fantasies – Ask Sarita

Question 1:
I have been hard at work on actively forgiving my father and cleansing my interior.  

With all the excitement coming up about the coronavirus and the isolation period resulting from this, my contact with family has increased.  However, the signals I get from my father are ones that wish me harm and misfortune. Even his verbal advice seems to come from a place where I feel I am perceived as valueless and a nuisance.  With the loss of my income right now, I have had to connect with my parents about this and the frustration I feel is amplifying my feelings towards my father.

In my meditation practice I am manifesting forgiveness of my father and abundance in my professional life.  Do you have anything to say to me about this? I guess coming back to my intentions in an embodied way is still very much in process for me. 
Thank you for your light in my life – it reveals my light.”

Yes, I understand about father frustrations..and all that this carries. It is important to unwind these patterns. For the long term either Family Constellation / Colour Light Therapy (male female balance series) / Primal Therapy and preferably all of these are best, to be done in any order you like.

For the short term: it is important to find a way to heal, attain forgiveness and to move on from your father. There is a book you can read which will help. It is called The Journey, by Brandon Bays. In the book is a technique which is really amazingly powerful. You can have a friend read you the technique, or record your own voice reading it and simply follow the guidance.
Ho’oponopono is another method you can do easily at home and is very effective.

It is definitely a time for families to find healing, being that many families are literally stuck together at home, not able to go out due to quarantine measures.

You may be pleasantly surprised that as you continue doing your yoga and meditation practices in the family home, the home will gradually transform and the people will also transform! I have heard from so many people that as they healed themselves of their deep-seated trauma with parents, they were surprised that the parents changed for the better! People have exclaimed to me so often, “I only transformed myself, so how is it that now my mother and father have become more loving?

One thing I have found very helpful which some people don’t think of; for many light workers this is the case: that we came through our parents in order to help them. A day dawns when we stop trying to make our parents love us, or be the kind of parents we dream of, and accept that we are the children of the universe— that we are here on a mission. Part of that mission is to bring light, love and healing to those persons who brought us into the world.

If you change your gestalt from being in need of receiving from your parents, and instead realising that you are coming directly from source and you are actually here to offer healing… this will be a liberation for you.

Perhaps you will be able to start an online group of people in a similar situation as you find yourself in and you will be able to help many people find healing. Do the work on yourself and then reach out and help others, this is the way compassion blossoms.
Let me know how it goes?

Question 2:
“I asked my wife about my fantasy to watch her engaged in sex with another man, but she got angry and rejected my idea. I tried to convince her 2 -3 times but she totally freaked out. She thinks it’s a sin. I think it’s part of life. I love her more than my life. So, I can’t force her to adopt this lifestyle. I want to respect her wishes. And I really wish to see her orgasmic face. 
Is it really a sin to have such thoughts and desires?

It is normal to have fantasies. In couples, it can be really helpful to simply do some play-acting, ‘as if’ you are acting out the fantasy but in reality, you are just enjoying playing with it as a game, like how children play, using imagination. This liberates so much energy that was trapped inside and spices up your love life.

You can tell your Beloved you respect her and love her and that because you are a man, your sexuality is linked to a sense of vision. This is why you have the fantasy of seeing her engaged in sensual and sexual play with another person. Explain to her there is no need to actually do this, it is just something you would like to play with.

If she says yes, and you both have fun with this, then it is also important to ask her to say one of her longings or fantasies and you can help her act this out as well.

For more information on this, read my book, Divine Sexuality. There are many meditations and exercises for couples to enjoy experimenting with in the book. Also, you can get my online course, Master Lover and follow the meditations and exercises in this online course. This can help to boost libido in the couple and also expand your intimate repertoire leading to more fulfilment for both the male and the female.

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