Ask Sarita – Q1) Kundalini Energy; Q2) Osho’s Therapeutic Techniques

Question 1:
Could you explain Kundalini Energy and also the benefits of working with this energy?

Kundalini energy is our basic life force energy. In its dormant state, it is likened to a snake coiled at the base of the spine. As we do Tantra practices, the snake awakens and begins its inward and upward ascent towards the crown chakra. As it ascends, it cracks through any stagnation that may be present in the chakra system.

And as each chakra opens, the life force principle and lesson inherent in that chakra is opened and this promotes sudden realisations and understandings in the person. In this way, the consciousness of the person expands into greater and greater wisdom.  When all chakras are opened, we are a full rainbow of consciousness, radiant and wise.

Kundalini can be a dramatic event if the person has not worked with becoming emotionally fluid. Because in such a case, the repression within will create a volcanic effect as Kundalini rises. Developing emotional fluidity is one of the subjects I address in each of my courses, whether they be live or pre-recorded online courses.

Question 2:
After my Tantra massage retreat on Bali, I started a study on Carl Jung which includes therapy as well. And I got curious on how Osho did therapy with its disciples? And as you have lived with him for many years, I take the liberty to ask you. In my Dutch Tantra group, we use Body Oriented Therapy and the Inquiry technique by A.H. Almaas (Diamond Heart/ Ridwhan). The Jung group uses free associations, drawings, dance, dreams, etc.
I understand Osho used western techniques for western people. But which techniques were those?

Osho had many highly qualified therapists who worked in his community.

His approach was, “If it works, use it.” Therefore, in the Osho Multiversity, there were literally dozens of techniques, from primal therapy, to breath-work, to gestalt, to hypnosis, to bio-energetics to psychotherapy to Rolfing, to a whole department of healing arts and another department for psychic studies, martial arts including qigong, Tai Chi, etc.

Osho’s unique combination of all of these therapeutic techniques coupled with meditation gave rise to what he calls, ‘The Psychology of the Buddhas.’ You can look up his discourse on this subject and I am sure you will find it fascinating.

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