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All of us are born with a special gift to offer to the world. Each unique being carries the blueprint for a superpower within themselves. This is meant to be unveiled over time, as we mature and grow. A seed is at first tightly closed, waiting for the right environment to crack open and reveal a sprout. As it continues to grow, receiving earth nutrients, water, light and air, eventually it will be revealed in all its glory. So, it is with the human being. Even the mighty oak begins as a small seed pod. 

The Miracle of Seeds

There is a marvellous true story about a grain known by the name Kamut Khorasan. Ancient seeds related to Durum Wheat were found in a tomb in Egypt. This archaic form of wheat was once cultivated from Mesopotamia to Egypt. The seeds found in the tomb were sprouted and this miracle grain is now widely available. It is carefully cultivated as an organic and much more easily digestible form of wheat under the Kamut label.

Date palm seeds which were 2000 years old have sprouted to become mature trees. The oldest seeds to have sprouted, coming from a previously extinct plant were 32,000 years old. They were found buried in ice in Siberia. These examples reveal that in order to unfurl our potential, we need conditions conducive for life to exist. The seed containing this potential has a seemingly infinite capacity to wait until optimum conditions manifest.

The Right Environment For Unfurling Potential 

The superpower each individual carries inside remains dormant unless and until it finds the conditions are right for it to be unveiled. If a child is raised in a sane, healthy and loving environment, his or her superpower will naturally emerge during his or her lifespan. If the child experiences physical, psychological and or emotional trauma during the formative years, the inner psyche will ‘freeze’ his or her potential, waiting for the right conditions to unveil it.

It is really unfortunate that the vital education offering understanding and expertise for how to give birth to and raise a child is absent from our so-called advanced societies. Therefore, children are conceived, born and raised in a haphazard way with many barriers to a healthy development. Families often carry neuroses and traumas which are passed down from generation to generation. The art and science for optimum conception has been long forgotten. 

It was known in ancient India that to conceive a child it is important to find an auspicious time according to astrology. Rituals would be performed and the couple would meditate in a particular way in order to call in a conscious, radiant soul. 

In the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, there are powerful health optimising protocols that are used during pregnancy and after birth for both mother and child.

We need to reanimate ancient wisdoms regarding the art of bringing life into the world if we wish to have a sane, healthy and balanced society.

We are after all, not so different to plants in a garden. Just as we tend to seeding and growing plants with optimal conditions for growth, so too we need to make sure humans have optimal conditions in which to grow and thrive.

Healing Trauma 

If you find yourself to be one of those humans who have grown up in unfavourable conditions and are thus finding it difficult to access your superpower, there are ways and means to heal the traumas and to discover your seed of potential which has been laying dormant inside. 

– If you have generational family trauma, do Family Constellation sessions or groups and or Tachyon Pain Body Release sessions.

– If you have trauma arising from your relations with mother and father, go for a Primal Therapy group or series of sessions and or Colour Light Therapy sessions.

– If your issue stems from past life trauma, have one or more Past Life Regression sessions and or Colour Light Therapy. You may also wish to go for the Osho Mystic Rose process, a life transforming meditative therapy.

– The master key for accessing your superpower is contained in Meditation and Tantra practices. This can be accelerated through the Tachyon Vertical Reality groups.

– To understand your potential and to help bring it out: receive a Human Design Session and a western Astrology or Vedic astrology session. You can also tune into your inner child and remember in which ways you were naturally drawn to play as a child. These tendencies of play will reveal the direction your soul wanted you to take.

Unveiling Your Superpower

Many people go through life never suspecting they carry a superpower within. However, I assure you, everyone has one! In general, this superpower is going to make your heart sing. It will give you energy rather than stealing your energy. It will carry you on wings of joy into ever expanding creative endeavours. And it will have its own unique quality that cannot be duplicated, like your fingerprints.

5 Senses Education

In general, this superpower will be unveiled most easily by an education which contains all five senses as an integral part of the learning environment. If you were raised without 5 senses learning, you can offer yourself the gift of this when you are grown up. Tantra groups are a milieu which honours all five senses and are thus an environment where you can discover much more of your potential. Just as a tree needs soil, water, air and sun we humans need all the elements and all of our senses to be alive in us. 

We are made of earth, water, air and light. We experience the world through seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting. We are interdependent with all of nature, an integral part of the wholeness of life in its myriad expressions. 

Growing Our Potential By Facing Challenges

It is unfortunate that we have to deal with the many forms of neurosis that plague our world. And yet, we can see that trees grow stronger being buffeted by storms. They learn to withstand, to bend, to expand in their power and strength. In the same way, we humans are adaptable and intelligent. We can realise that in case our parents and ancestors were not able to withstand the challenges of life, at least now, we can accept the challenge and grow through it. We have this potential within. All that is needed is to use the tools that are available to melt negative conditioning, discover who we truly are in our innermost core and bring this out to be shared.

Tantra Is The Portal For A Blissful Life

A general rule is, by following our bliss, we will find ourselves on the right track.

I have noticed over the years that people may come to Tantra groups not aware of their potential for bliss. They may feel burdened by inner suffering that seems insurmountable. But in just a few days of Tantra practices, they suddenly find a wellspring of joy and inner ecstasy. This happens because we create the right milieu for the inner nature to begin sprouting. Of course, we have to continue nurturing this sprout through Meditation and Tantra practice. Eventually, it will grow into its full magnificence. 

Being with others of like mind, with our tribe, helps so much on this path. We see ourselves mirrored by others who are growing into their own unique potential and we find ourselves dancing in celebration as a beautiful flowering in God’s garden.

A World of Superheroes 

We were not placed on this earth to suffer in endless cycles of despair. We were born to love, to be custodians of nature and to celebrate this earthly miracle. If we can throw off the illusory chains that bind us and simply awaken to our true essence, we will have a world of superheroes with superpowers fully intact. 

Ten Inspirations For a Life Well Lived

1. Manifest positive transformation in the world by transforming yourself
2. Love and respect your true nature
3. Love and respect the true nature of others
4. Love and respect the natural world
5. Love and respect the mysterious cosmos
6. Allow yourself to live in wonder and awe
7. Enjoy the pleasure and joy of living as an embodied being
8. Share your love by being in service for the benefit of all beings
9. Allow your consciousness to be aligned with the essence of life
10. Feel grateful for each moment of your divine existence


Family Constellation 

Tachyon Pain Body Release sessions / /

Primal Therapy / google Swarup and Premartha 

Colour Light Therapy sessions (ask Sarita for a practitioner in your region / France / U.K. / Greece / Bali / Japan ) 

Osho Mystic Rose Retreat (google to find a qualified facilitator in your area.)

Meditation and Tantra practices / 

Tachyon Vertical Reality groups / 

Human Design Session /

Vedic Astrology session: Peter Vishaka: 

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