Life As Prayer – Osho Quote

If you eat, eat with love; because what you eat is God. If you walk, walk with love; because you are walking on earth, sacred ground. If you bathe, do it with deep devotion, with love and respect for your body, since this is not your body, it is the body of God; it is His temple. So, the little things in life that had no meaning will begin to have immense value. And when the little things start to have meaning, they are no longer small: you turned them into big things. It’s up to you to live a small and insignificant life, or a great life: if you live without love, you will live a very small life. If you live with love, through love, you will have a great life, because love makes everything great. Love is the philosopher’s stone: anything it touches is turned into gold.

OSHO : Don’t look before you leap, initiation talks

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