Living In Awareness – Meditation of the Month

The Osho quote below, offers us a wonderful indication of how to be aware in each aspect of daily life. As an entry into this exquisite meditation, it is helpful to use the technique which is offered in various forms of Buddhist teachings.

1. Sit in meditation with closed eyes for about 40 minutes, witnessing your body, mind and emotions with a non-judgemental awareness.

2. Go outside in nature and walk slowly and consciously for 15 —20 minutes. With each in-breath, raise your foot to walk, and with each out-breath, place your foot consciously on the earth. It is ideal to do this meditative walking barefoot.

As you continue this slow walking, at a certain point, it will happen very naturally that your senses will become heightened and you will be aware of many aspects of nature that remain elusive when we are lost in the mind or are in a hurry to reach somewhere. This tunes us to the whole of the natural world, sensing ourselves as an integral part of all that is.

Once you are adept at using the technique you can then move beyond technique, trying this as a continuous form of meditation in daily life.

When you are walking on the road, you can walk consciously. That’s what Buddha says one should do. You are alert; deep down you are aware that you are walking. You are conscious of each movement. You are conscious of the birds singing in the trees, the early morning sun coming through the trees, the rays touching you, the warmth, the fresh air, the fragrance of newly opening flowers.

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