Tantric Lifestyle – Ask Sarita

“How do I form a more cohesive connection with my Tantric self?”

Everyone is born Tantric because we are born with 5 senses alive and in tune with life in its multidimensional spaciousness. As we get conditioned we forget our natural Tantric way of being. The practice of Tantra is simply a methodology for remembering and re-connecting with our true nature, unburdened by beliefs, trauma and conditioning given by others. The moment we throw off these burdens, we reconnect with our natural lifestream.

Any practice which helps you to open to your five senses will help you to be reunited with your tantric being. You have the capacity to live in bliss, moment to moment by being in tune with nature and your own capacity for a sense of wonder. We are in actual fact living in a psychedelic world. We do not need to take drugs to discover this. We simply need to become more sensually alive and awaken our capacity for experiencing our clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and omnipresence. These superpowers open through being awake and aware in all of our senses to their ultimate capacity.

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